Aint no lie...BYE BYE Bye Duskfall by Nsync 👀


Done Pathox and egg boost line, left 420 golden boxes and 4500 bronze boxes. Collected ~2000 bronze boxes in the season.
Target to get mythic sorcerer in next season :yum:


Nice goals!! Damn brother that’s a lot ! Lol


She’s completely out of her mind about her ET’s. It’s really sort of scary to behold. :hushed:




I think you did well with Prospero. I started liking hunters with Frigg (lol), but really fell in love with the class when I got Fomhar. Aibrean was fun too; I didn’t get Necryx :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:. I have to say my Prospero has unseated Fomhar as my favorite. I’m not saying he’s better, but he’s a ton of fun to fly and he can definitely destroy higher lvl towers than most legendary hunter divines, including Aib and Fom. Very good call.


My stash is nothing compared to y’all then…

Just 120 gold and 90k rubies…
Not even enough to get Gorg…


I would do horrible, terrible things for your egg tokens. How? Why? I’m scared and confused…


Right!! Lol


Well I cant say it is working same for me , I started season with just 20 gold chests and 15 K rubies , today i have pathox , got the egg token boost and some crap prizes on other branches just to spend the sigils .

But I didnt save the rubies I keep converting then into tokens till the bonus compensation pg gave us it is gone, it is the best trade ever for me . I went from 100k tokens to 400k in a week converting rubies into tokens by missions . Ok back to game to spend my 4000 rubies left into tokens


Damn I must suck at getting rubies.

I got pathox,and egg bonus.

Will start new season with 5 gold 60 bronze and 230k eggs .


Dont feel bad lol I just got like 130k egg tokens :roll_eyes:


Did rather well. Total of 437K egg tokens, untold gold chests silver chests and bronze, with 178 gold chests remaining. Got through the Aristrat line and finished Cav as well as Egg tokenbonus. Not a big fan of the previous Hunters I’ve had (only been playing about 5-6 months) but love Prospero. At Garnet, he’s nice. Hoping this coming season will have a good Earth Offense Rider, but probably not that lucky. All in all, not to bad.


A rider has no element,it’s the armor that has the element.


I had saved a bunch coming into the season because I wanted a mythic hunter. I blew my 400k token stash, 150k rubies, and 200 golds I had coming into the season to come away with Pathox and egg token boost. I went from just starting Sapphire as a low 100 to emerald as a 200. I used the chest predictors to maximize sigils and progress by using my rubies on golds throughout the season. I know on the surface super sigil chests are more sigils then golds, but the extra progress and scores in PvP net sigils as well. Once I knew I’d finish Pathox, I too have been converting rubies into tokens as ideally I’d hit obsidian in 2 breeds. I don’t think I have the grinding fortitude to make that happen so most likely 3 breeds. Going into next season I’ve got 110 gold and 210 bronze chests, 185k tokens, about 1k days of speedups, and 33k rubies to grind into tokens today and tomorrow…


I realized I really wasn’t playing much anymore so I dropped my elite account a few weeks ago. Have only logged in since to do minor runs and event stuff. 4.92 may change this, but I don’t know. I have 80 gold chests 330 bronze, and 28k rubies so I figure I might as well see the Winter lineup.

Duskfall was my favorite theme so far, but my least favorite season. Lets leave it and never look back.


Wow! Such a nice work you all did! :heart_eyes::clap:t2::raised_hands:t2:
I get token boost and Pathox
Then wasn’t sure,how far I’ll go with Prospero,so I just used extra sigils on chests from last Pathox Line
Little regretting,because i could have get him at least to Obsidian

Next season I’ll be absolutely free to play(first time for the last year I think)
So I’m actually curious how far I’ll go)


Was my best eason ever …

Made Cavaleris and the egg token boost during the discount period, finished Syphilis and Pathox without spending a single ruby and claimed Prospero (mostly) with rubies.

Going into the next season with 400k egg tokens, 280 golden chests and 300k rubies,


That’s just beyond spiteful!

You must have REALLY pissed her off!



On my main, egg bonus, Pathox, Portia, Lorenzo and the headless horseman avatars. On my alts, Cav (x2), Prospero, Lorenzo.


Yup. That is a DAMN good season.