Aint no lie...BYE BYE Bye Duskfall by Nsync 👀


Finished Pathox, 100% ET, first row of Portia.

Have approximately 4k bronze chests, 330 golds, and 112k rubies leftover. 370k egg tokens as well. Grinding is a pain, especially when you opt to lurk on forums instead.


I finished both mythics but have absolutely nothing saved for next season :man_facepalming:


But both mythics…nice job. The start of Winterjol doesn’t look amazing, but we don’t have spell stats. Hopefully the end is better


I like the discount hunter. I may be sentimental bc it has the old school BLUE cloak though :yum:


Didn’t spend anything this season. Took cav, sylphen snd pathox lines. Plus the egg token boost. About 60 gold chests and 17k rubies ready for winter. Will see how far i can go this time but I’ll probably spend for elite this time.


600k in 1 month between events???

That is very well done!! I’m only at 375k since last breeding


I have only been playing since a few week befor Axi was announce so I was able understand how seasons worked and went for it in Duskfall.
I finished Cav’s line as well as Prospero’s and gained the 100% egg bonus early on as well. I spend excess sigils on Somnus to green evolution stone as to have a strong dragon for that tier for events.
Gained a lot this season and moved my base along and leveled to 131.


Finished Pathox
Everything in the token bonus except for the 125% boost
collected the lumber boost from the rest of the lines

Came into this season with 400 gold, 1500 bronze and like 20k rubies
Leaving the season with 158 gold, 1100 bronze and 75k rubies and 240k egg tokens.

The thing Im going to miss the most is that 200% token boost. They should definitely make it available to unlock in the future, I actually felt like I was getting something for all my grinding


Started with elite, 280 gold chests, 2800 bronze, 215k rubies and 322k tokens… finished with elite, 178 gold, 290 bronze, 259k rubies, 259k tokens, pathox vanguard, somnus red, token boost 125%, capped towers, capped breeding, tons of research eggs and a powerful need for the 300 wall to be fixed.


Well I thought I had done ok until I started reading this thread. Started at level 64 ish, zero gold chests, about 500 rubies. Finished out at level 90, still zero gold chests (spent all the ones I got immediately), 27 rubies, burned 77k egg tokens during breed event and back up to 80k by today. Got all 125% egg token boost line, then saved everything till all dragons were out, went prospero and pushed all the way to obsidian, the farthest I’ve gotten yet. Aside from egg tokens starting this next season at zero. No rubies no speed ups no diamonds in Atlas.
Here goes!


My first season so far started at level 1 and am now level 80.
Started with nothing ? Ended with 500 rubies 300 bronze and 5 gold chests. Messed up and got greedy with cav to sapphire, Portia to second page, slyphen to orange and prospero to vanguard.
Hope to do better next season but looks like I’ll get egg token boost and hunter then wait until festive dragon drops.


What is a rider’s element?

If a rider says her element, a man will give her a set of legendary gear.

If a rider says her element, a man will ensure that “Rider XP” is not part of the skill tree for base game seasonal riders.

If a rider says her element, a man will place her shards at the front of her branch!

Come! A rider is not a noob anymore.


Season stuff:

I got Cav and Sylphen and haven’t really used them, outside of feeding fodder. I got the max token boost, and as of this past week I finally got Pathox in a usable state. He’s pretty cool!

Possibly more significantly, I got a lineage mythic of note, as did two of my alts, which means that when I started hitting 400s out of boredom during temple raid, some poor defenders had to sit through 6 rewinds. Watching people try to hammer against C2D never gets old.

I end this season with ~550 bronzes, ~40 gold chests, ~270k rubies. After spending ~550k last breed, I’ve bokened my way back up to 310k. Went from the beginning of garnet (156ish?) to the end of emerald (226), with the :owl: coming up next breed. He was the undisputed best dragon in the game when I started playing, so this is kind of curious for me!


Lol GOt reference :joy:


If I may speak for Kate, it was 600k from the time the 200% bonus was announced to yesterday. She’s still at it.


:medal_sports: Win


I finished the line for cavaleris, sylphen no stones, and almost whole first page for Portia an and paid nothing


I’m an E2P player, with that said I came in halfway through season. Only played a little over 2 months.
Currently in Last part of Green Tier and have 65k Egg tokens saved up yo get Danzig, Hugin and Bander on next Breeding (I have Danzig halfway finished) so about 13k tokens.

Now understanding my struggle,
I got:

  • Egg Boost,
  • Somnus Gold Evolution Stone,
  • Prospero Gold Evolution Stone,
  • Cavaleris Gold evolution stone.
  • Portia half done and Lorenzo unlocked. (I just wanted thier portraits).

I know me being in Green still at level 70 is a bit behind but consider I only did one breeding. I should have been in Gold Tier by Level 63 according to Odins and Red’s Check-in.

So do you think I did well considering? I didn’t think it was possible to finish any single drag since I spent on all before knowing I couldn’t possibly unlock all of them. And the fact I had 1/2 the time everyone else did.


Ah okay. So more than a month or so


Mine isn’t even comparable to anyone’s stash. It’s probably cuz I’m only level 70 and E2P.

I have:

  • 600 = rubies
  • 64k = Egg Tokens
  • 115 = Duskfall Sigils left
  • 0 = Bronze Chests
  • ? = Silver Chests
  • 0 = Gold Chests

I had no season before so I didn’t have a stockpile.
Comparing mine to yours I feel like a monumental failure in this game, :cry::cry::cry: and here I was becoming proud of making it to my goal of base level 70 in just 2 months and No value packs. I think I got a $5 and $20 VP when I first started. Immediately after realizing that they where several lacking in value/cost, I quit buying them.

I will not spend any money on Value Packs unless they change the amount of rubies per pack.
What it will take fir me to buy Value Packs

  • $5 = 5k rubies
  • $20 = 20k rubies or higher (22k)
  • $50 = 50k Rubies (60k)
  • $100 = 100k rubies min, (150k pref)