Aint no lie...BYE BYE Bye Duskfall by Nsync 👀


I got the 100% egg boost and Prospero to just before Vanguard.

My remaining problem is I’m having to sit on my hands to keep from blowing a bunch of rubies or chests on Sylphen. Am I crazy? That little monster seems special. I’m several breeds away from Hauheset and not sure I will be able to fly her effectively, but couldn’t Sylph be a ton of fun, educational, and a decent setup / cleanup dragon for tough war or atlas attacks? If they can get the chains working reliably. I got orange sylph on my alt and then that phone died. :sob:


Don’t get discouraged. I was no better off when I was new to the game. My first season I walked away with an Orange tier Aster and a Green tier Sage :man_facepalming:. Everything in the game increases exponentially as you level, including your stash.


Yeah EC has major issues on casting for me both on normal and atlas. Sometimes it reactivated 8 times in a row with no cast or forces me to cast over and over.


Just out of curiosity how much did you spend? Crazy you got that much in your first season


I’m absolutely SHOCKED this post didn’t receive a monolithic amount of love. People need to step up their forum game or bend the knee.


You can do it :+1:
said by a mere commoner with average dragons and bases


Those dragons are a good stepping stone. Next season I highly recommend focusing on Gunnar (discount dragon) during the first two weeks. Get him as high as you can. He’ll serve you well and teach you how to fly Hunters. After that, riders (first page only next season) and egg bonus are worth getting, but otherwise wait to spend sigils until everything is released.


:owl: is cool, but sadly a bit dated now as most leads are all about smashing through rather than dancing through :rofl:

But cool tricks still exist such as double vines (with only one vine rage cost…) :eyes:

Edit: not with the 4.92 glitch - maybe after it’s fixed it will work again! :crossed_fingers:


Probably 830k+ if you count the two (was it?) breedings we had within the token boost period, yeah. Was breeding my four plat legendaries on Red’s Best Path, and the rest went towards gold eggs for the plat construction boost :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s quite expensive. But I’d do it at some point before emerald tier anyway, so why not while the 450 sigil prizes were easy to get/I had extra bokens? :eyes:

But yeah, no lie. Was painful.

@BattIeBeard I’m only starting my final sprint now :stuck_out_tongue:


You lucky duck. Sadly I went the AA3 route and based on a recomendation by the lovely @TheRedDelilah I will be getting :owl: rather late since if I did a path that got :owl: early, I would have to bread a shit ton more emerald dragons instead of just one more :rofl:


Elite + $5 (1 x 500 sigil pack…was impatient wanted pathox gold stone 1 event early)

Cav: Vanguard
Sylphen: Vanguard
Path: Vanguard

Stock pile
rubies: 34,000
bronze: 4,116
Gold: 16
Embers: 10,000
Pearls: 2,750
Energy Packs: 132
Inner Fire: 109
Egg Tokens: 166,000
Mystic fragments: 396


I’m the only lucky duck.


I got the sharp end of the sword when they updated in the early 1/2 of the season and blackscreen fell upon a minority of players (which they never compensated us for 2 & 1/2 events of major incapacitation hence… no Malus Portrait. I’m not going to be able to get him if atlas update isn’t appropriate) other than that I did respond to the blackscreen with max effort and skipped cavaleris altogether to be able to reach vanguard stone Prospero! I have a Legendary Ammo for him so when I do snag Malus it will be EPIC! I spent my rubies on chests and chests on egg bonus tier because I wanted to catch my base up in fort event. I strayed too far in base length and had to shorten and begin to maximize … some day my electro-fire-earth flak efforts will be revived but until I catch up they are chilling in storage with my poison tower and trebuchet. I am definitely ready for fight pits (thanks to egg bonus tier) so i dont feel bad not having rubies and chests saved for winter… definitely going for Gunnar full force and snagging egg bonus early this time… it’s time to focus on breeding!


This upcoming season looks the most promising so far, especially that discount hunter.


I didn’t spend a thing. I’m all f2p for life on any mobile game I come across, I just happened to play this game before and enjoy the grind when I get a break from work.


Well was leaving. Hooked into stay by awesome team and became officer in said team. Started in sapphire at beginning ended in emerald…
Cav, syl pathox, Portia, egg bonus and that is all.
Entering with 1300 bronze and that is all plus 205k tokens…
The doctor


Seems to be doing pretty well to me… :grin:
@ZestyNoob you obviously seem to like commenting on them… I’d hate to give you nothing to do :grin:
Shoooooo fly… wheres my swatter :rofl:

I feel like if you have this many issues… maybe you should take a break for while? Hmm. :eyes:


Well unless youspend money like I’m assuming most of you do. I did egg boosts, got all prospero, and starting season with 150k eggs and 130k rubies and 80 gold chests . Only get elite account


Nice solid job dave!! :+1:


Thanks! Good luck all in winter season