Aint no lie...BYE BYE Bye Duskfall by Nsync 👀


:joy: I originally had something else but changed it to duck as that is probably less offensive than what I originally had :rofl:

To be honest I am amazed by @Tinsir’s rocket like progress in the game. My own War Dragons journey has been slower (and probably more relaxing lol). I am a bit jealous though. Noctua is one of the few lineage dragons left that I have a prayer of seeing on my account that I truly want.


I got Pathox, full token boost and all Lorenzo shards.
Starting new season with 1300 bronze, 175 gold and 529k tokens (but need few more for Noctua next event, but started with 0 after last breeding so I guess not bad)


If I may ask, how many rubies did you spend on speeding up egg token missions? Or did you spend $? 200k eggs I’m usually happy with, so over 500k in one event is just wild


About 70k rubies, I’m a grinder
I tried to max the potential of the boost we had (I doubt we’ll ever get it again)
And yes, 200k to 250k is what I expect in between events


This is the first season where I actually got all the evo stones for a dragon (I’m easily distracted but new, shiny things, so I consider that a big accomplishment). I got Somnus and I love him. I have…a few tokens saved up. Maybe enough to get 10% of a new dragon. That might be an optimistic estimate. :woman_facepalming: Don’t judge. :yum: It was a fun season!


Yes it was! This season was hands down my favorite since I personally have been playing…
Minus all the other stuff that happened… :roll_eyes:
thinks about vanguard tier post


HAHA you gained about as much as I did between when we spoke and now :”) Niiiice.

Did you end the season on 0 rubies, though? :eyes:

(Here’s mine :P)


You will go far at the start of this season ! :joy:


You spend rubies at season start?


Depends if I have no gold chests… I’m unloading everything first week… mainly because I have 0 inner fires and need them for the rest of the season.

Light exaggeration… but I’m using a lot…unless I get crap tons for my 250 gold chests… then might save for possibly sigil chests maybe.


Had to save some because I got little carried away during Temple Raid (no regrets, love that event), so low on if and energy


Gold chests? :thinking: Why temple raid, though? It’s painful! ;-;

(apart from the PvE bits, yeah)


All pvp are kinda painful… but temple raid is my fav… maybe because it’s new and shiney!! …

Ooo…butterfly… :eyes:


Because I love Temple Raid, I like Gustav grinding, I hate fight pits, I loathe Kingdom wars loathe

Also because points


You don’t?
I always use saved up chests and as many rubies as i need to JUST complete the discount dragon. Your rubies have a higher value during that time, after that point i save rubies for the next 11 weeks.


That’s one way to go, I suppose. I’d just use saved chests and finish all the same :eyes:

I do suppose that if you don’t have enough chests, using rubies would be worth it, though?


Sure, if you have the saved items to do the full discount dragon then the rubies spent to JUST complete the discount dragon will equal 0.

But to use your one scenario and question others spending their rubies to accomplish this goal is quite short sighted to other people’s specific scenario’s


u got somnus and portia but not prospero? wow ur different


but i did get prospero, portia, egg boost and additional goodies with left over sigils including just the red tier somnus for collecting purposes lol

i had 65k rubies and 41 gold chests left at end of duskfall season and im free to play player. and i was very very behind in events this season because of new job.


Oops , okay, so Offense Rider. Like I said, only been playing about 5-6 months