AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL…..what we see and what we hear while attacking. How can it be improved?

This is actually two ideas in one. At the same time, it’s a general question to the forum, especially the experts: how can we make the attack more fun, more exciting and more efficient.
When we attack with backup, we get the opportunity to read what our wing-man writes. However, he can only write so much, because more than a few words disappear. In addition, if there are defenders we get information in a way that what our wing-man writes disappears completely. Is detailed information as to what the defenders are doing really more important than what our wing man writes?

Idea Number 1……would it be possible to have a larger “chat screen”, so we can see ALL of what our wing-man writes and it stays there?
(I also honestly, don’t need to see what the defender is doing! He’s defending. I get it. What exactly he does and when doesn’t help me fight better!)

Even better, IMO, would be:
Idea Number 2….How about an “Air Traffic Controller” Mechanism? There are third-party apps out there, where your wing-man can actually speak to you while you flying, much like an Air Traffic Controller and tell you what to hit first, what to sand and when to leave which tower so the wing can accumulate more rage, for example. It’d probably be a programming Masterpiece and take a while to do, but wouldn’t that be a GREAT addition to teamwork, attacks and game-play?

NB: I did a couple of searches with different terms, of course, and couldn’t find anything similar to Air Traffic Controller……since I’m sure someone else thought of this idea at some point, I’d like to apologize in advance for repeating it. Plus, it’s as sure as death and taxes that someone will very soon inform us that this has been mentioned before. Always valuable information!..…(me being slightly cute and a respectfully sarcastic!)

You can use discord or line to group call, no need to add the function to the already large game file.


I agree… take out the defender notes as just fills the ‘small, short’ chat area where we can’t seem more than a couple of words

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  1. For me, the mall notes is just for notify me who joined my assist, or how many active defenders.
  2. With so many foreign speakers it’s more like distraction than helps, especially for this game where timing and accuracy are extremely important. With text notification, the player can choose to concentrate more for attacking, or look at the notes at will without feeling disturbed.
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Here we go again :man_facepalming::tipping_hand_man:

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What you hear during attacks can be improved by turning the sound off.

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I agree it’s annoying when a teammate’s message gets pushed off the screen within a second because a defender used a hammer or something. Not sure if making the chat screen larger would help. Small messages are a little distracting but they take a moment to read. Something wordier could be too distracting when you’re trying to fly. If there was a way to keep the 2 types of chat separate maybe? So you can see the latest message from a follower and the latest boost applied by a defender.

I regularly join LINE and discord calls with teammates so idea number 2 wouldn’t be game changing. There’s an easy work around. I also make a point of memorising important tower placement/planning an attack before flying so I don’t have to rely on someone else telling me.

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I agree the defender activity needs to go, really interferes with coaching like “LEAVE THE FRIGGING PERCH!” and such since it just keeps on scrolling.

The size is fine the way it is. Teach the noobs to type less. Don’t want to read War and Peace while I’m flying anyhow (ironically).


To each his own, I guess. I like reading more. It’s a bit like sight reading a piano/vocal score. Words. Melody. Accompaniment. Phrasing. Dynamic markings. Multi-tasking, and it takes practice…but when you do it well you can learn a GREAT deal from those more experienced and talented WHILE DOING. I found I learn fastest that way. And what was at first a destraction becomes a valued resource!

my only concern about the size is getting in the way of flying

Not sure what you mean by this. If it’s meant as constructive feedback, please be more specific. If not…you decide.

I agree. We can do without the updates on defender activities. Please just put leave the teammate comments in. Also, it would be nice if the size of the comment space that you are typing in is the same as the size of what pops up. It’s bad enough that it’s tiny, but many times you don’t even know that the important bit is cut off because you can’t see how it looks when it gets to the other end.
I understand the concern about making it bigger and getting in the way of flying- so we would have to be careful with that- but if we could at least see where to cut things off, it would help.


I imagine it’s the same chat engine and they just resized the UI

I’m a big believer in don’t collect data that isn’t actionable. So the defenders are dropping boosts. So what? What are you going to DO about it? nothing. So why do you need to know? Besides you can see it visually. The text alerts serve no purpose except to block up the comms.


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