Airforce’s Hauheset vids, where are they? ✈️

Hello, I had bookmarked a thread by Airforce full of Hauheset vids but I can’t find it anymore. Can someone please provide the link? I tried searching but came up empty. :persevere:

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It doesn’t show anything but this :cry:

Yes. And I got Hau in my incubator. I’m not gonna speed his hatching until I see the vids. :slightly_frowning_face:

Don’t do that; get out there and practice getting 100% on the 312 at level 1. Don’t level it up!


Nope. I suck with hunters. I need hunters for dummies help. :sob:

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What is the “3-2”? :sob::sob::sob:


What? I can get 100% on the 312 at level 1??? :hushed::frowning::anguished::open_mouth::astonished:

Yes :sunglasses::exploding_head:

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Where are the vids??? @xxAirforcexx please repost all your wonderful vids. Please please :pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3:


Try his YouTube…?


Was just coming in to say search for it on YouTube :joy:

I can say first hand…this doesn’t make you any more useful in any wars. Good for fun but as far as tangible gain…absolutely pointtless.


Thank you! :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

? Hau is a great drag for war.


If your name is Ragnar and you are one of the badasses at flying her. Otherwise she can be good, if you know how to handle her :laughing:

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Depends on the base and the defenders, I’ve killed Hau’s in war before. I watched some of the videos, felt more like a good showcase on how to use sand, crumble and death gaze than any specific dragon. The are useful videos in teaching people how to approach higher level bases during pvp events or the assault mini-event.

Every drag is dependent on the base and defenders, as well as the flyer and how on point he/she is that day. If it’s about the vids, idk didn’t watch them. Just saying, hau’s ceiling can touch any base. Calling it useless for war is asinine. If it was about hau anyway.


Panda critiqued the videos not Hau…lol. The majority of the videos I watched had no defenders, which makes it kind of pointless if the towers are level 30 or 60 if you practice the base enough times. With the equipped spells and the timings, the runs felt pre-practiced for the recordings.

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Ah, it showed as a general response :man_shrugging:t2:, figured it was just saying hau is pointless. Idk then haha good luck to the OP.