Airplane mode or non joinable attacks

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Our team / alliance has been reporting teams and players (always the same) with attacks not beeing able to defend, to the support for weeks. Providing screenshots and videos.

All we get are generic answers (with the same typos) and the call for more patience…

Screw this, what else can we do?

PM @arelyna and @dragonpunch and list the ticket numbers.


Yea ik a team that does it

I thought airplane mode was supposedly fixed some time ago?

I tried to join 3 defenses earlier today all against the same player and was kicked from all (game basically froze in state and didn’t give any pop up menu, just froze and j had to reboot the whole game). Defended against a different attacker and got in no problem.

Perhaps a coincidence perhaps not. It was against a decently well known forum member too.



Yep, some players attacks are consistently not joinable.

While it could be airplane mode issues is it possible some peoples internet sucks so bad it causes people to be unable to join?

In all honesty I could see pg messing up the airplane mode fix while fixing another bug or with all the changes that have happened recently.

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It’s the same with players who have unkillable dragons.
I know skill has a lot to do with flying, but when supershots don’t even touch dragons, something is fishy. I have reported this player a few times and just got generic platitudes.

There are legitimate ways to do this — one way is called blinking.


Same here! It’s definitely back or it was never really fixed :roll_eyes:

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I know blinking, I use that tactic myself. This is not blinking.

Care to elaborate then?

Active spell used?
Which SS?

Flash and Evasion can dodge Flak and projectile SS.

well… i wrote a PN to those 2 mentioned by lutrus and didnt get any response yet… lets see, if this changes next week…

I’m still not sure how this is a thing, if I toggle airplane mode when starting an attack I get a pop up saying internet is required to play that freezes the screen and doesn’t allow me any input, don’t know how people would use this to cheat

In another game, you can use lag switch to get multiple items from a box which normally gives you one item.

So if crappy internet can prevent defenders, than intentionally making your connection crap is one way to avoid any defenders.

There are many other ways to do this and I don’t know any of those.

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I took a transatlantic flight not too long ago and I played WD pretty much the entire flight. Lots and lots of testing over very poor Internet with super high latency.

Anyone who wanted to join, could and it ran but sometimes very slowly with a lot of “pausing, you have bad internet” messages. None of this ever caused the symptoms reported here.

Flipping very rapidly over to airplane mode and back at the RIGHT time on Apple can cause them. I don’t think it is fixed. Maybe they made it better but it is hard to prove that without messing with the game and isn’t something I want to do.

Honestly, i have no idea if its airplane mode, or some other hack they use. and i dont care,

loosing 100000 troops to a hand full of players i would have been able to defend my base against, if i could, is the most frustrating thing i have ever seen in this game… and NOBODY CARES… if i wasnt too honest, i would start this s*** myself -.-

@PGJared any chance you are here to help? :frowning:

most likely that they can do something starting monday about any suspected cheaters. No PG is on during weekends as far as I know except support.

Honestly, I know there still cheaters out there an “some” players pg allow cause they are spenders :eyes:

But hey…that’s just a “Game Theory!!!”

What do I know :man_shrugging:t2: