Albion Online? How the hell is title still to short?

Anyone try it out? Wanted to know if anyone likes/loves it or know anyone that would recommend it?
Looks really neat! Love the whole concept of the game! Seems to be a huge open world!
I read/watched somewhere that if you decide to retire from gameplay you can build a farm on an island just log into Sell/Trade resources and send gold to guild to help teammates with wars :joy: That’s pretty cool way when done wirh game that you can keep in touch and still kind of help
The starter packs are $30, $50 and $99 correct? And you must purchase one to be able to play? Kind of threw me off at first but not really a big deal lots of games cost to play…
Think I read where it said after one purchase you can play forever?
Asking because thinking about trying it out

I’m guessing the hardworking folks at PG won’t take too kindly to you promoting a different game on their forums.


This is correct. I know this is the off-topic forum, but let’s not advertise other games.

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