Alert - Hat regeneration complete


I’d find it really helpful to get a push alert when my farmer hat regeneration in Atlas is complete. Have looked but don’t think this is a thing.


That’s a great idea!


As we have a notification for the resource buildings, I suppose this feature would be a nice addition to the game.


I actually really like this idea. Troops are important to me, I would like an option in the settings for push notifications if troops can be built.
And everyone who hates notifications will have the ability to turn them off.


Can we get this idea forwarded to the important people that can inact this like yesterday!!

We have it for egg missions, attacks, we need it for “troops are ready to be trained”.


Would love this


Yes please.

A long time ago I went looking for a timer widget with notifications for iOS in order to avoid the reloading that happens when exiting the game for even a fraction of a second. Turns out such a thing does not exist due to restrictions placed by Apple so I gave up :joy:


I would love this push notification :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


You should put this in the QoL discussion if you haven’t already. Great idea!

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