All’s fair in love and war?

So we are in plat 2 declared on the top team who were slightly lower level max players than ours… they bring in a big gun from another team for 20 mins, wipe through with harbinger drags our top 6-8 bases. Then leave and swap back in whoever. They get 250 flames still and we lose… only by a cpl runs and granted our no shows didn’t help. Defence points were very close at high 40s each. Granted they were ahead by 2.
But this should be something that gets fixed… PG??
Surely you can make it that either they would only get max 245 flames OR more appropriate “you cannot attack in this war as you werent in the team when it was declared” type thing…
it was likely someone’s main account they brought in.
yeh I’m a bit pissed :confounded:

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pretty much this topic:


To add on what sci is linking, read the first couple of comments to counter this tactic, the rest of the comments are all repeats of what was said in the beginning.

Your team didn’t all show.

Your team did not deserve to win the war so what does it matter?


Maybe they could have still won, even with a couple no shows, if they had any chance of successfully defending their bigs.

I’ve learnt that having a couple of sleeper mid 100s will do more to help your defence score than the bigs. Well designed mid 100s that can drop emeralds is much more useful as no one looks at those when warring until it’s too late.

Edit this is only applicable for platinum level wars


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