All the events I used to look forward to have been Panned

If it was up to me we’d would have the Dragon Olympics/ ie training/breeding/fortification/pvp all in one weekend every 2 weeks replacing the 6 days of breeding and fortification events.

Also I looked so forward to Trials, being able to use skill to kill bases with a bonus for using dragons with less ATK than the bases DEF. and the mini versions of that.

And I really miss the event that’s challenged you to use just your Red, then purple, etc dragons. Someone suggested Divines made that event too easy, so just don’t allow divines.

Instead of skill based events like trials we have team quest like “use 180 SS” which requires no skill and people just ask people to attack there bases over and over. Total grind event. Leave your brain in the Vat.


The dragon olympics was a horrid event, especially because of the way they handled the prize tiers. The prizes for each mini section were stand alone, so it made it a lot harder to do well in the fort section of the event.

If you did away with fortification and made it only available for the day or so that it was scheduled for during the dragon olympics, you’re pretty much screwing everyone who couldn’t be online right when the event starts. At least with the six day long fortification, there is a real chance to be able to get the prizes you are after, even if you can’t be on right when the event starts.


And I guess for some, breeding is too long. However, for the others, it’s too short due to training time.


No breeding event shortening! I’m getting four dragons next event and I need to train up 2 (Cerbero and Nosfer) to get the next two (Vulcan and Kelvin) before the event ends.
IMO, event length is fine just as it is. I’m a pretty dedicated grinder (in PvP) if I’ve got a set goal. No shortening PG, please :slightly_frowning_face: :t_rex:


I think that a big part of this is due to how the game has changed and how different the game is between upper and lower division players.

Feed is a crucial event for people below level 200 or so, but people above hate it. Players who have only been around the past 6 months are desperate for black pearls and rune dust, but those who were around a year ago have it coming out of their ears and don’t want it displacing items that they want (such as more breeding tokens). Similarly, newer players are at an advantage with longer, week-long events because it allows them to breed, level, and breed again, whereas older players just shoot their load and then sit around for four days waiting for it to be over.

One of two things needs to happen to alleviate this problem: either the game needs to be rebalanced so that ALL players are on equal footing (eg, timers and wood rewards keep up with level so that a level 350 can accomplish as much as a level 150, or egg tokens/fragment requirements need to be shifted so that you could breed an obsidian, level that obsidian, and then breed again before the end of the event), OR the game needs to be split into “early game content” vs “late game content” with a different set of events for each. The latter option seems infinitely more complicated and difficult to pull off.

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I wouldn’t say this is true for everyone @Snowbrent …Sometimes I’m able breed 2 dragons during breeding especially if the first or next is a backbreed.
So I don’t think how long you’ve been around has all that much to do with breeding…Everyone loves breeding :+1: but no it shouldn’t be easy to where anyone like you say could breed 2 Obsidian dragons in any event everyone would be in the last tiers in no time…Of course it needs fixed, mainly scaling in Saph/Garnet/Emerald those tiers really suck and are extremely expensive.

And I wish I had enough rune dust to even finish specific runes! At least imo I think the majority of the player base probably doesn’t have to much rune dust.


I agree.
Last breeding, I can finish Kulan & Jagra, followed by Rizar and Kaiju, just because I happened to have a lot of free time during the week.

For end-game tier, they still can do breeding by creating more useless extra eggs. However (I forget the post), someone said that gaining points that way doesn’t worth token-wise.

Regarding Sapphire, Garnet, and Emerald, if they made it so that it has Plat’s rarity (14% for legendary, and perhaps more for mythic), the wall will be lowered (I think it will reach reasonable rate).

I like this idea. It would be useful for all players. Plus, it would give players something to do instead of sitting there, bored out of their minds

I think all events are to long. They should 3 or 4 days with 2 days off and then start the next event.


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