All the mythics have the same runes/glyphs - why?

Last Season we had unique runes and glyphs in the legendary and mythics of the dragons, this gave the dragons more UMPH when you upgraded them to mythic.
This time, it appears we get duplicative (thus unusable) runes and glyphcs, which is mind boggling to me, as it’s such a waste.

Last season the spell that the runes boosted were different and changed when you evolved them so you needed 2 sets of runes. This season the runes boost the same spell so there is 2 sets of the same runes. That way if you chose to change your mythic by leveling a legendary whose line you didnt get (ie claim the hunter line and then use those stones to level the invoker) then you still have a way to claim the runes when you go mythic.

All having the 2 different sets of runes did last season was give you an extra mythic glyph to use for attack or HP. The legendary’s runes didnt work on the mythic’s spells

No, because once moved to mythic you still had permafrost as well as experiments, so you had runes that worked on 2 spells, plus you had 4 runs 2 mythic and a choice of legendary if you don’t get the exotic rune.
Now you get 2 and maybe an exotic if you get that far. We spend 20keys and duplicate glyphs so you can’t use half them.
This rips us as a customer off.

No you didn’t. Legendary Krygant’s runes boosted the spell “Thick Ice” which Mythic Krygant did not have. All the runes from the legendary version did was boost warrior HP 8% for mythic Krygant. Same with the other two mythics, the spell boosted by their runes changed from Leg to mythic which is also why last season they gave us chisels to remove them

You get 2 of each rune, one set can be used on the dragon and another could be used on a different dragon for the HP/ATK boost or you can just dust them.


Ok. See my mistake, I looked at krygant a mythic but the issue at hand is that the sigils, runes that you have to get 20keys to get mythic for are worthless for this dragon. You can’t even use the second set, yes, they can be used for 4% and 8% whatever on another sorcerer, but you have to spend a considerable amount of effort to get 20 keys, so to not give the new spells a boost is cheating out on the customer.
Maybe I’m wrong, maybe you don’t care, but I doubt this dragon will be as useful as krygant or barbend if the items that boost its spells are not there. Recall, they boost only synaptic jolt, and the other two spells change names and could certainly have used boosting to be effective. They change name but not effect as far as I can tell. (Ok 10% more healing and 1 second less cooldown)
But my point is, MYTHIC, it’s supposed to give us better stuff, not duplicate what we already have. All 3 suffer this same fate of duplicity and cheapening out by PG.
The legendary status is already seen as a below par dragon, so to be useful requires the mythic effort. And now the work to get there has no reward. Makes getting them less rewarding, or fun.

Well no, not really because the spells should be scaled already so they do not need runes to boost them. Hell, that’s really what they should be doing anyway so we dont even need to be using runes and glyphs. It’s rather unnecessary to give a spell a long cd and then justify it by having the rune then reduce the cd.

The way they’re cheating us isn’t with the runes, it’s with taking away a legendary dragon that we’ve paid for and giving us fewer options for how we go about getting a mythic.

I dont really care about the runes, what I do care about is this stupid, awful new season structure. I hate that 20 keys doesn’t even get us a mythic anymore unless you claimed the legendary and evo stones to go with it. I hate that we get 1 less dragon now to use for events like CC. It was better the old way where we had a separate discount dragon from the mythics. You didn’t actually need to claim the discount dragon and if you were going for a 2nd mythic you could claim whatever lines you wanted instead of needing to get another lower value dragon line that is then going to get taken away from you.

Krygant and Barbend arent good because they had 2 sets of runes. Krygant doesn’t even want to use the runes from his legendary since they boost HP and not attack or rage. Those extra runes are no different than using runes from a dragon from a previous, all they do is give a common stat boost. So basically the only difference here is that last season PG gave us an extra 8% mythic glyph to boost Atk or HP on the dragon and this season they gave us one to use on a different dragon. You can still put a mythic glyph from a previous sorcerer/hunter/invoker on them and get the same effect . Only people this basically affects would be someone who doesn’t have mythic glyphs from previous seasons or doesn’t have the chisels to remove one.

The red spell turns white which is pretty important
The damage on the larger radius spell increases a decent amount
The blue spells’ duration increases and cooldown decrease by 1s each and heal increases a little

If they gave a 2nd set of runes in the mythic line to boost one of the other spells then you would be at a disadvantage if you didn’t claim the same legendary version.

Let’s say Mythic Telment got runes that increased the damage on the freeze spell.

  • So I get the invoker as my refund dragon but dont level him. I later decide I want to get the sorcerer instead as my mythic. I do the whole get his egg and level him with the invoker’s stones thing we can do now. I get the mythic ascension stone and get the mythic’s runes. Ok, but I now dont have the runes to reduce the cd for Synaptic Jolt because I never claimed leg Telment. Someone who did claim legendary Telment and went mythic with it would have an advantage over me by having both sets of runes to use.