All-time medals

since support closes my tickets without answering, i was wondering if anyone knew as to why my all-time medals won’t go up? my weekly medals are going up as normal but i’ve been stuck on 10.1M for a while now. i’ll be attaching proof.

:see_no_evil::see_no_evil: These pictures don’t really help cause the 10k difference between first and second won’t show in the abbreviated 10.1M. Takes about min of a 100k medals give or take for the all-time-medals to change (would be 10.2M then 10.3M and so on). So get another 100k and see if the number changes.

Good to note that the weekly medals usually don’t reset to zero so you might not have actually gotten all 400k there so you wouldn’t see a difference in the all time medals…


He’s been at this for a good few days now, they’re stuck.

Medal counts have been broken for years. It doesn’t seem to be something pg can fix or maybe it’s not worth the effort


Math hard


missed smth?

I gave up looking at medal count it’s never accurate. I do anywhere between 2-4 million on average it slowly ticks up by itself it seems. Been playing for a few years.