All Troops back?

So I earned no glory when a lvl 64 hit me and i’m 148. I get that I get no glory since they are low level and had back up to beat me. Do I get all troops lost back since I get no glory? A little sad and frustrated and never want to park my primes in red land again. Thanks for your time.

Glory ratio and revive ratio are not related unless you are the smaller player defending one one of your castles

I discourage players from fighting in NoMansLand. Fighting on castles is the better way to control the glory you are getting

If fighting on your castles (belonging to your TA), everything will be 100% glory regardless of level or APR.


So if a 60 were to hit me on their castle I would get max glory?

If you were to hit a lv 60 at your castle, you’ll get 100% glory, is what he said. Not the other way around.

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Hold up! per PG
Troop loss = glory
The exact reason why we get no glory for defending a teammate because we have no troop loss. Remember we get one whole ruby instead.
So how can someone be attacked in NML and get zero glory if they lost troops? They didnt attack , they were attacked.

Wrong equation.

Min(1.5x* troop loss, 0.75x troop killed) x glory ratio = glory.

Glory ratio is one important factor. In NML, I believe it’s 100% based on player level. (70%-90% band)

If the backup level is more than 70% yours, you should still get some glory.

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Why is defended glory not just always 100%?

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Imagine a giant park his prim on poor lowlies team.
The giant will get a guaranteed good glory ratio, yet the “defender” struggles to beat it.

Except that the castle owner had someone strong enough to beat the base so why does that matter? If the attacker was 585 or whatever the new max glory level is, then it would be worth 100% even on a baby castle so how is it different then if a lv 50 attacked and then had their high level backer do it all for them other than the defender got nothing?
If the base gets beat then it should be 100% glory for the defender. If it doesnt get beat then normal glory %

Isn’t always the case, despite the unbalanced level distribution.



Referenced announcement.

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Is this actually true? If so then is the first time I’ve ever heard that backer level plays any part in glory percentage. If there is a link to this info that would be greatly appreciated. Also what is “some glory”?

Just meant a non zero glory.
Simply said, attacker level = maximum level of players participating in the raid, not the lead attacker’s level.

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Is a defender getting 0% glory when attacked by an attacker that would be 0% if attacked with a backup player that would be 100% if attacked fair?

Rewarding the defender with glory based off the highest glory multiplier of the backup seems more fair, but it has its own issues, namely:

  1. Attack glory should be calculated in a similar way and this would discourage seeking backup for your attacks.
  2. What happens if the backup isn’t needed and are merely spectators?

Then I stand by what I said previously, if you’re attacked and the base gets cleared then it should be 100% glory for the defender. Someone somewhere was strong enough to beat the base, even if everyone involved is under the max glory level requirement.

So a retired level 700 player goes and sits on a low level teams castle, they enfeeble him but still need 3 dragons to beat the base. And you are saying he should get 100% glory scaling?

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So someone uses their lower level alt to attack a level 600 and then swaps and has their 575 main clear the base. Should that 600 not get 100% glory? Or simply you have someone on a lower ranked team who is 550 and only 50% or less glory attack a lv 580 and clear their base, why should the defender only get 50% or less glory?

No matter what someone is going to find some way to abuse anything. High level players sitting on low level teams castles is a problem all on its own and isnt a reason to have defenders get screwed over by being hit by someone who would be worth bad glory if they had been the one to attack.

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They already do in this scenario

If you are on the level 550s castle, then 50% glory is fair.
Now if you are both on someone else’s castle it may not be.

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Personal i think if a high tier/level player backs a run, glory should be based on him. Not the one that started the attack.

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In other words exactly like it’s working now and has been for quite some time.


So I’ve looked at the battle report many times from this attack and sadly it just says 100 percent destroyed in corner where it usually tell you glory won from attack, so I’m led to believe I got no glory because some how a lvl 60 and another low level beat my boosted base at 148… sad day! Hard to imagine since I have over 60 million defense on base with defense rider and base boost branch complete. Thanks for ideas and chats ill sum it up to an oh well moment!