All troops to barracks please

It would be so nice if all trained troops just went straight barracks.Going to prims that are hard to move off is a pain in the butt. Please just make them all go to the barracks. Thanks


They only go to a primarch if it is set on your home. If you don’t want this to happen, put your home where your primarch isn’t.

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Yeah I get that. And I don’t always want to check where my home is set and if I’ve selected the prim or not. Just make them go to barracks.


Orrrrr make offloading easier


Move all prims to same castle… transfer troops to one prim… summon fighter… resummon what you actually need… redistribute troops… why does everything have to be so complicated? Why can’t it just be easy? Make it so you can only transfer troops to barracks in safe zone so people can’t transfer while being attacked. But that’s not complicated enough I guess :joy:


It is pretty incredible that these two things haven’t happened yet.


The offloading process has always been a pain, and not always effective, I’d love to just load to the barracks directly in case I oopsie and accidentally overload prims :joy::see_no_evil:


Would definitely be a QOL update.

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Totally agree with OP suggestion… easy QOL fix


PG does nothing easy!

If we got to offload our troops directly they would throw in a diamond charge or some other BS.
As a transfer fee. :unamused:

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Well if you think about it, they don’t want to encourage keeping troops in the barracks where they are hidden. It was controversial about creating a pocket universe (barracks which can’t be attacked) in the first place.

At this point a case could be made that in-spite-of best efforts, everyone keeps troops off primarchs anyways, so might as well make it less annoying to do so. Of corse they could always go the other way as well.


If this happens I’m blaming you directly :rofl::joy:.


Its just annoying that new build troops go to home locations. And home is just a bookmark where a primache can be located or where there is only barracks.

Totally agree!

I cannot tell you how many times I have accidentally put troops on primarchs :roll_eyes:

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I actually like this feature. Especially those primach at the entry castle.