Alliance/Castle Hunting? (Not sure if already posted somewhere)

My team is currently in an alliance, we lost our castle on Christmas due to being attacked by an ally who didn’t know we were allies. Now we’re looking for a new castle, but everyone we scope out are allies and getting frustrating.

Is there a good or specified way to castle hunt, or are there any alliances out there looking for more members with a castle to spare?


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If they’re actually allies I’m sure they’ll make it right. If not then it might be a good time to reconsider your “allies”.

Just an idea, if you’re apart of a huge alliance where you’re not allowed to attack allies, but they’re allowed to take your castles, maybe that’s the problem. It doesn’t sound like they’re helping you.


Go hit one of those scouted allies and take a castle.

When they ask, just say: “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were allies. I’ll just take your castle anyway though.”


Yeah not getting any help, it takes the fun out of atlas having this big alliance where we have to check and see who’s friendly or no

Its not only you, many teams lost there castles versus teams who already had all , but hunt for there own teams under them ( price unknown). It is not only frustrating, it is very respectless if its a team who shouldnt have bad relation.

PG really created a bad situation for all teams, teams , alliances or not, get bullied … @pgEcho @PGDave
i hadnt thought about all ways to restrict them… but you should not give huge teams advantages, they already had a lot of.

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1/ ask them to give it back
2/ ask them to take another castle of non-ally and give to you
3/ change ally and take the castle back


Gotta love atlas politics :sweat_smile:

Just out of curiosity, what is the highest ranked team in your big overall Alliance (not necessarily in your TA5).

Aren’t there like. only three or four answers to that question :rofl:

Must be chaotic up there to have alliance teams taking each others’ castles.

NMO is currently ranked #12.

I’d reconsider your alliance. If your castle can be bubbled and taken 24 hours later without your alliance assisting you what value is it?

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