Alliance Chat scrolling

We muted League Chat finally!! But we still can not get Alliance chat to scroll! PG wants Atlas to be the main portion of the game but not all of the tools work! What’s the chance we can get Alliance chat to scroll like League Chat; Team Chat and all of our side chats do?? This would make 5TA communication much more effective!!

This has not been confirmed.

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Am I missing something because I can scroll in alliance chat perfectly fine?


Maybe he wants to scroll alliance chat further up since 250 people rather than 50 are using the chat, but somewhat came out wrong as english (maybe) isn’t his native?


reads again

Nope, nope, nope.

Still sounds too much like he can’t scroll alliance chat at all.

When chat is down and people are chatting it shows group chat, LC or your team chat. That goes by as people chat. Alliance chat there’s nothing unless there’s an @group then you get a notification that someone said something there.

Seems like you have some phone issues cause mine scrolls, you can’t see it in your chat box

Nope. Only time I see anything in Alliance chat is if I actually open it or someone @group & I get a notification. It doesn’t scroll while my chat is minimized like all my other chats. Not a device issue as it has never done it since I’ve had Atlas and 4 devices; as well as my 5TA and all their devices.

Was just a suggestion. Since it’s not an issue for anyone else I’ll tag mod to delete. Thank you for all your help

@moderators feel free to delete this suggestion as it’s not an issue for everyone. Thank you

“Incorrect” words used has confus d the mortals.

The words are technically not incorrect, but not what most would use for it.

What the OP is looking for is a problem that everyone experiences, and it does really need to be addressed. It’s the issue of alliance chat not showing in the 2 line chat summary when you don’t have chats open.

While we’re at it how about allowing for being @ mention people in alliance chat by clicking on their lst message. oh, and actually having the chat notification show on alliance chat icon instead of group chats icon, so we don’t have to go hunting all our group chats only to realise the mention was in alliance chat not a group chat.