Alliance colors

If you’re like me, you’re addicted to glory. If you’re like me, you shoot first and ask questions later. If you’re like me, you’re constantly paying out gold for your stupid mistakes.

It would be super great if PG would add colors to all members of our allies so friendly fire would become a non-issue. Maybe keep the 5ta yellow, but allow the leader or officers to somehow tag a team that is friendly with another color. Our list is so long🙄 It’s great being able to have and give the help, but all the back and forth of checking a list to see if they’re friendly or not is a big pain in my ass.

What do you all think? Would that be helpful for you, too?

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I honestly don’t think they want to encourage larger than 5 TA.

I guess if you guys don’t know who your friends are, you have too many.



Do you really have no problems with remembering who all your allies are?

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No, I don’t personally

So then, you’re adamantly opposed to this simple change? I was hoping for more discussion… maybe you have some tips for the rest of us? Not meaning to sound snarky, this is just a real issue for many others.

Other peeps with comments? How are others doing with this issue if you don’t have problems with the current set up?

I didn’t say I was opposed (adamantly or otherwise). I was surmising that PG doesn’t want us to have more than a 5 team alliance or, well, they’d let us have more than 5 teams in it.

So for them to provide a tool to work at cross purposes to this is probably unlikely. But you can certainly ask.


I don’t think people are opposed to it. I think people are more opposed to the nature of atlas at the moment. Find a massive alliance full of teams you have never heard of and then be scared to hit anyone in case they are friends with your sister’s, husband’s, brother’s, uncle thrice removed and start an unholy civil war no one understands. This is triply true for lower ranked teams.

At the moment atlas is stagnant. And while your suggestion helps make things easier. It also reinforces the whole “this is how it should be”.


Yes, agreed. It’s happening, though… what to do? I am hoping this discussion can lead to a solution most will be approving of. Everybody wants to be safe in atlas to just enjoy playing, and now nobody can.

The solution is already built in to the mechanics of the game. Take your 5ta and go blow stuff up. Play atlas the way it was intended or sit back and be turtles on your castles. :man_shrugging:

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Doing that and being successful is virtually impossible for anyone that isn’t in diamond. And even then there would be limits for most.

Sure it’s how it should be but it really isn’t a viable strategy that will ever outperform playing the politics

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