Alliance recruiting for Atlas

Wanted to create an area where I could possibly find an alliance with someone on atlas we are a growing team and have land but it is very hard to uptain anymore without stepping on toes of huge alliances so I am asking for anyone who might be willing to join in an alliance since I can’t find one hit me up on line or in game @ Yaba4Daba2Do0 thanks for your time

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I’m glad you’re looking forward to the Alliances feature @Yaba4Daba2Do0! Team name, league rank, and territory owned in Atlas might be some helpful details to add here too to help garner some more interest.

Yes sorry our team name is godsofchaos global rank is 140 and we own one island that is a lvl 3 right now called legionsofchaos

No need to apologize, I was merely adding a suggestion :slight_smile:

Best of luck in your recruiting!

Checking this out.

Atlas is very political… at least at higher rating. Makes it very slow and sometimes boring, but then again sometimes exciting when you’re going rogue!

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