Alliances out there...?

Are there any alliances out there besides DOA or Dread?

many, most atlas teams i would assume are in an alliance. but short answer yes, there are many more alliances then the two you mention.

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What are their names? Who are the contacts?

there are some minor ones that are neither in association with those two or the extended alliances of those two.

but i believe most of alliances are, one way or another.


I understand that. But, how does one join these other no mega alliance affiliated alliances?

Theres too many to list lol. But if u contact any atlas team im sure they’ll be able to provide the details. if you have atlas you should look about finding one, they are really helpful.

Edit: would need to get in touch with an alliance and discuss joining i’d assume.


Mazda Alliance
Corona ?? :man_shrugging:


If you’re looking for an offensively focused alliance PM me in game “Noctarn”

But you are affiliated to DOA…exactly, what OP didn’t want to.

We have lots of friends, but still independent. I’ll be happy to explain more to her in PM if she’s interested.

You choose your friends, you choose a side. Not many really independent alliances out there…and you are not independent at all.


This is correct. I don’t recommend messaging either OP if you’re looking for an alliance on neither “side”. :woman_shrugging:t2:

I think the correct answer is no there’s two sides or pirate. That’s the reality.

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…and who is in charge of DOA and Dread because I am blind (9/11 optic nerve injury) so life is hard enough as is so I’d like to make one simple Reasonable Accommodations Request… could you please adopt some manner of identifying mark whether symbols or other alphanumeric sign that identifies friend from foe that Members might attach to their player name (since for some profound ungodly reason PG won’t allow Teams to Change Names one of the many reasons Atlas is such an entangled mess) for instance members of the SuperSay families add SSG to their player name so DOA members could ad DOA or like my pal Homer “D’oh!” Whatever… stop hiding out like some secret sacred cult and wear your colors out loud and proud - this IS WAR after all y’all!

or just play like myself. 2 main accounts, one on each side. :grin: -though it did take loads of $. :man_facepalming:t2:

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