Allow a list of the last 10 attackers on your base

I was online during building event saved up 800,000 wood for a big build one of my team mates sent me 200k more wood. I was waiting 20 minutes for wood to show up so i can do the build. When it was like 1 minute till wood was going to be delivered I got a phone call and it kicked me out of the game. Then gave me errors when trying to get back in, took me 5 minutes at most. I only had 200,000 wood left. I looked at who attacked me on the play button in the messages tab and it showed single attacker taking 75,000 wood. I contacted support and asked where is all my wood. they said I had 4 attackers, and I said where does it show that. To me you guys could have just taken the wood. I cant have revenge if I cant see who took it. Not to mention game closed on me and I was offline during that time. comical like they would reimburse me the wood.

Can we at least show logs of who attacked us for at least last 10 people or something.

We pay for resources we fight like crazy for them just for them to get stolen and no record of such an event. If there is something that is stolen from me I would like to know who to become my farm later.


And not have then disappear as soon as you close the history window. If I get attacked more than once, I can only see 1 of the attacks unless I zoom around my base looking for the popup notification.

Oh and getting one single ruby for a successful defence is poopoo

This is what support replied with. Which is such a Lie Is there a way to watch them and see I was not online and definetly not defending. Especially defending all 3 when game would not let me in. I got hit over 3 times in less then 5 minutes taking away a ton of resources. Then just told a lie and ticket closed.

while I am not saying i was not attacked, I would rather have a list to show those attackers who really took my resources I was saving for my build. Instead I get a single one in my history

Where are the other 2 that took like 300,000 a piece? They didnt even give me the real information.

As soon as you get on it shows the buildings being ‘repaired’ because of being hit. If you click on that while it is still ‘repairing’ then it will show who attacked you sense you last got on. That’s the only way it works for me, hope it works!

Are you an Android user?

Back when I used to use IOS, it allowed me to see more than one [of the last] attackers on my base but ever since I switched over to Android, I’ve only been able to see one.

But as DefenderSkies said, click the little banners that pop up [while the buildings are being repaired] and take screenshots of your attackers.

I second this on having more of a history on Android but seem to recall it would somehow be too hard nvolvedmirnbreak the game. I can’t remember but this is one place android users get less than iPhone and it is annoying.

This is an issue linked to device and OS. Afaik Android in general will only show one replay as will older iOS devices. My iPhone 6s shows multiple replays but my 4th gen iPad and iPhone 4s don’t

Yes, this is such an irritating problem, and it’s something that affects only android players, while ios can have a log that goes back days. Why can’t android players have nice things too. Why are we the ones with all the glitches and errors.

It’s only the 8 most recent attacks at most (at least it was when I just checked with my two different accounts—iPad Pro 10.5” for main, iPhone SE for alt). My base got hammered a lot in our most recent war. I managed to fend the attackers off, but I know they hit me more than showed up in the log :laughing:

At least you can see them though… it’s just not fair how many more problems android players have vs ios players. Why can’t it be fixed? Why can’t I see a list of people who attacked my base recently? why can’t I read text with emojis in them from my teammates? why do I still get the Sync Error at least 6 times a day? why does my game have to reset to the day before? It’s just infuriating to have to do the same token runs 4 times, to run the same dragons 12 times, to level up the same dragon twice, to have to ask my teammates to repeat what they just typed because it didn’t come through on my game.

The game was initially built soely for iOS, so the coding is likely cleaner for it. Also, apple is very restrictive on how their different operating systems function, and they have very tight specifications. It’s my understanding that it’s a lot more open and less regulated for android devices.

While the coding for the android versions doubtlessly could be cleaner, the fact that there are so many different variations of programing on those devices might make it more difficult to get the game to function smoothly.

And if everything I just said makes no sense at all, I aplogoize, that is just my understanding of how things are and I am by no means an expert and I have very limited understanding of android devices.

No, I understand (still doesn’t make me happy though) and I know that the game was originally made for ios, and that more younger people tend to play on ios, but it still seems like android shouldn’t have to have as many problems as it does, especially since they are known issues.

I’m sure they have a limited number of resources and are trying fix some problems without breaking the game in other areas. But I agree, it would be nice for those on andorid devices to have much smoother game play.

I do have android

supposedly support is looking into the faulty replay menu. given that is been like this for at least 1,5 years on android I wouldn’t get my hopes up though

Maybe for this ongoing Android issue we could get a settings toggle to have an ingame email letting us know who attacked us and the basics of a result. Therefore allowing us to get a catalogue of attacks over the past however long we want to keep the emails.

Just play more often, then you’ll be on to defend and see who’s attacking you.


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how very helpful, completely disregarding that
a) people have something like work schedules
b) it is obviously a problem in android that needs to be solved as ios seems to be working fine…

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I am on Android and I was teasing. I should have turned on my sarcasm flag (which is a wink where I come from).


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