Allow all players to mark crystals in Crystal caves PVP

After having seen a player of another team (luckily!) complaining with his/her officers about the fact that sometimes there is no crystal marked for attack, a vibrant discussion about the fact that an officer needs to basically be in game the whole time because crystals pop every 5 minutes and there are only 5+1 officers and 24h in a day, I have come up with a simple suggestion:

Please allow all players to mark crystals in Crystal caves PVP


Might create more confusion than solve the issue if 50 players are marking altogether… why not just let the team know the priority of crystals/bonuses so even if nothing is marked they can have a good understanding of what to hit first?


That would chaos. How about instead of letting everyone mark a crystal, leadership all can pick one person to give the ability to mark at crystal.

For example:

I’m a leader of a team, which I am in game, and I can give joesmo who isn’t an officer the ability to mark a crystal.

This event is a quick pace event due to how easy it is to destroy crystals and leadership can’t be on 24/7 to mark a crystal.


I have thought about that… if the team knows the priority of crystals then the team can mark and at least come to an agreement without going to team chat on every attack

allowing a list of selected people to mark crystals other than officers is something obviously better but also something more complex to do from PG point of view

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Yes but it’s a little more organized then letting anyone and everyone on the team mark crystals.

That would mean giving certain members more leadership abilities. Instead of officers would you be suggestion something like “veteran” assignments? Add more badges to a team, granting more permissions?

:sparkling_heart:- Genie


Personally I find it tricky enough getting people to hit the right target without letting them change it too. Maybe get players into the habit of @ officers or asking in line?

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That would work. Have people 3rd in command type thing. Cause the way I normally think of it is like this. Leader is 1st in command where they have the most power then the officers are like second in command they don’t have as much power as the leader.

I know in my team we have many players that are kinda like the 3rd in command. They’ve been playing with us for a while and are kinda like unofficial officers, just without the officer power. They help us in leadership keep the team under control and help the team figure out what to attack when it comes to pvp events where things need marked.

Genie’s idea is actually really smart and would be a cool idea to add to the game.

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The only issue would be what permissions would they be granted? Could they accept new recruits? Could they invite? Etc.

I’ve often said the Badge doesn’t make you a leader or officer…your actions do that. (I’ve also said being a member is a promotion.)

Could be a good feature…that and a mutiny button lol

Maybe they could be allowed to mark targets in pvp, accept people, and also invite people to the team? Clearly kicking members should stay with officers and the leader.

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So much no to this. This would just be a fiasco, creating chaos and way more stress for officers.
This is what Team Chat and group mail is for

Come up with a team strategy, an order of priority for crystals and also have some common sense (if you see damage on one, maybe dont start a 2nd or 3rd one)


Or how about showing the leader and/or officers a list of all of the crystal types. They can then assign a priority number to the types of crystals, 1-whatever, and then as new crystals pop up, the game automatically targets whatever crystal is the highest on the team assigned priority ranking based on the list that the leadership has set.
The only downside is the team would most likely have to exit and renter the event after every new crystal appears to see the “new” target as it will auto reassign after the appearance of new crystals.


I think the best solution is to get rid of Crystal Caves. This event is just too annoying a not fun at all.


Sorry you feel like this? I like a cheap event once in a while


Also no to that. Fight Pits needs to go before anything else. At least CC doesnt have no hit lists and isnt ruled by atlas politics and the points dont suck. It might not be an exciting event but really none of them are. So I’ll take better points and prizes over the monotony that is FP


I have to agree. Why would pg think it’s fun where you get high level players hitting the smaller ones for points. That is an absolute joke. This even is a disgrace and everyone should boycott it.

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High levels hitting low levels isn’t unique to this event. It is only more prominent in CC. I love the aspect of not needing to spend an hour+ just doing PVP every day, and CC is the only event that allows me to do that.

You do you


I just find it a principle thing. This is not a good thing. It just fees like bullying the little ones.
Maybe I’m wrong it just feels wrong

I guess that’s a matter of taste, I find it by far the most fun pvp event.