Allow allies to use beasts

Probably this has already been suggested, but here goes…

Allow 5TA members to mine beasts on their fellow 5TA member castles.

Flame suit on​:joy::joy::joy:


It use to be that way

Pretty sure it was anyone could do it before :sweat_smile: I think I remember hearing people going to castles not theirs or their 5TA’s during PVP events to “steal” the shards/beasts on better land than they owned.


We used to go to enemy castles when the bubbles went up and farmed them for shards :joy::joy::joy:


Thatta boy!

I know it used to be done… would like it to be available again…

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Gonna go with silence meaning no.

Could be limited to T5A teams only… but I’d much rather see invader taken out of Atlas all together and put in the main game with a shard benefit, main game players need the shards tbh. For those with Atlas have castle bonus for shards how tokens work… most shards come from Atlas lines anyway. Having less attacks and players running around Atlas for beasts could only help the servers.

Edit: The challenge would be gold bonuses and how they would cross over. Maybe there is another bonus that would work better.


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