Allow Atlas Allies to Defend your Base


I think we should consider allowing allies to defend. It’s only 5 allies, and you can still only get 2 defenders + base owner, so I think it would be a great benefit and encourage more defense which would help the smaller teams a lot defend against much bigger players.

After all, allies help eachother, defend eachother’s bases, etc… so it seems only reasonable to let them defend when under attack as well.


Interesting idea, but I could see trying to make this work be a nightmare… as well as the bugs that could arise. I would much prefer them put those efforts and resources into fixing existing issues before trying out new, potentially game-breaking ideas


Let PG fix their game.
Don’t suggest very low priority initiatives that will have very little impact on the game.

You already have 49 members to defend your base. If that’s not enough then get on a better team that defends you


mech you and i both know they will never fix the game :slight_smile: might as well release something that is useful.


How is seeing 5x as many banners useful?
It would force me to turn off the “vibrate when invited to defend” option and i would defend far less.

It’s MY TEAM, i will defend them.
Our allies are selected based on the fact that they can defend themselves :slight_smile:


They can defend your prim on the right situation.


What’s wrong with your team defending it?

Why complicate things with Atlas banners carrying over between alliances? If you want to go to the battle, defend yourself or pipe up in TC to have someone defend when you hit.


Er… I said defending prim, not base…
Means lost less troop (by sneak attacking them)…
Also, I don’t want more defense banner than what I have atm…


Oh right. I thought you meant that they can defend the primarch you are supplying to help them by defending each others bases. My misunderstanding


My iPad lacks this feature and it makes me sad :pleading_face:


Most tablets do as they don’t have the vibrating motor inside. Which is very annoying when you can’t enable any kind of sounds or way to get your attention. Gotta just stare at the screen. I wish they had like a little notification device you could plug in to the lightning connector or something.


I agree with fixing game first before doing much of anything…

The problem with your suggestion is simple though mech…
How many people are gonna stop playing due to nothing new or inviting about the game over the next decade while they are actually “fixing” the game…

:roll_eyes: if we are waiting for the game to be fixed before we start improvements… guess I should throw in the towel now…:joy:


Or if Apple would just make the thing beep when a non-existing vibration unit is called on


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