Allow Leader and Officer to delegate ability to disable shields!

This suggestion refers to atlas, and although the atlas shuffle is part of the argument for the proposal, please do not use this thread to share your opinion on the shuffle itself as it has its own thread already.

Problem (X): After the shuffle it is much more difficult for teams to simply decide to not have an access castle. In order to avoid long and dangerous cool-downs, leader’s and officers will have to react quickly and almost always have their device handy to disable shields.

X causes Y: This causes leadership to become burned out. Along with team mails, recruiting, and other responsibilities, having 6 players in charge of 24/7 vigilance is too much. Some leadership quits the game entirely, while others simply let the team fall into disarray. A few lucky leaderships are able to find replacements.

Z could solve X: Currently leadership can assign a governor and Marshall that can also disable shields on their assigned castle. On other castles however, they’re helpless.
Option 1: Give Marshalls/Governor’s power over ALL their team’s castles.
Option 2: Allow Leadership to give the ability to disable shields to as many players as they want on their team.

To be clear, this was already an issue before the shuffle, but will likely become exponentially more so after the shuffle. It obviously doesn’t affect teams without castles, but speaking as a player that’s been an officer on two different teams, it can be an absolute nightmare.


Marshall has the ability to disable

And govenor

I feel like you didn’t read his post. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


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I would extend this to other functions as well, namely banking. Implement a check box system to enable abilities for whoever they want. Officers still control who has what privileges but it would certainly improve the burden of play.