Allow perch moving

Just a suggestion but how about allowing perches to be moved to another location? We can already move buildings and this would be really handy.


Because most peeps would stop spending on black pearls and PG would be sad.

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I have possible solution as a response even though implementation is rather unlikely.

Just make it an expensive move, like 100k rubies. PG makes money and players are able to accomplish what they want.

Why make it expensive? Moving runes is expensive enough. This way we could try out Layouts and wouldn’t be stuck to something we decided a couple of years ago.
I think it’s obvious it should have been done long ago

Why? Upgrades still have to be made. Wouldn’t stop people at all.

Ask @lx460 if 100k rubies would fix his problems. PG knows to the penny how much an Abysmal level perch is worth, even after they bumped up back pearls last Fort. It is a lot more than 100k.

I like the ideas, but I don’t see this happening, like ever.

100k rubies for pearls wouldn’t do much, I’m afraid.

Because that’s usually the mechanic used in games like this…

My point was that it could be implemented in a way that they wouldn’t lose a source of revenue and could instead supplement it while also providing something beneficial to the player.

Whether they will do it, while not likely, doesn’t mean there isn’t a manageable way to do so.

Or even better perch merging


Yup I’d prefer perch merging

Then moving Towers would have to cost, too. This is a strange justification for making something cost what is overdue since ages

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What…? How can you even reach this conclusion? A perch isn’t a regular tower, it’s a type of monument. You know, it has base boosts and island coverages.

You’re trolling right? You must be, because it takes all of 30 seconds to realize towers and perches aren’t in the same category.

EDIT: overdue? That’s entitlement speaking. Can’t be overdue if they never planned on including a feature… when you build something you should always do so with the future in mind. Not to do so is just bad planning.
I’m not justifying anything. I was stating that’s a way they could introduce it as a feature without affecting income they receive from black pearls. The cost would scale to the level of your perch. This is a P2W game, remember?

No I’m not trolling. I play the game since ages. New dragons And new ways of playing the game for Atlas, wars and Events changed a lot. But perch restricted the game to the layout u chose. And it’s not only P2w it’s also tactics and players that spend ages to reach their goals. Being restricted to what u choose years ago or pay a shitload to change the base more than a bit tires. People will still need perls to upgrade and they will still need a lot of gems to try out new layouts.

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Let me ask you something. When a contractor builds a house, does he build it to to yesterday’s standards or tomorrow’s if he wants it to last?

It’s the same as someone buying the wrong mythic at the beginning of the season. If you don’t want to wait to plan ahead, you’re left with the consequences of your actions. Nothing has been introduced that invalidates perches or changes their effects to warrant a free exchange.

You think you’re entitled to something because the way we, the players, strategize has changed while the concerned element of the game has not altered. So yes, it would be a luxury which entitles you to pay for it. It makes no sense for it to be free.

The perch doesn’t restrict you. You restrict yourself. The perch was an investment you made, and just because the investment isn’t paying out the way you wanted doesn’t mean you get it all back free and clear to try another investment. Do you see my point? There’s no ground to stand on in asking for the switch to be free… not a single grain of sand.

Are u really comparing building a house with a pixeldragon game? :man_facepalming::joy::joy: it will just make the game a bit more interesting if u can change things. My base is good I don’t need to change, but it’s boring having that base for 5+ years. Don’t know why u want to find excuses for a bad mechanic so badly. …and it’s not For free. Every time u move that perch u have to change all runes for the towers. Isn’t that enough? Have u done this before and realized how much that costs for mystic runes? And comparing it with season dragons?!? yes u can make a bad dragon choice for a season, but next season u can choose more wisely. But since the perches are there u cant freely test out baselayouts anymore, like u was able to to before perches. So why take away something that was a essential part that of the game. Every dragon needs other layouts to defeat. Get it or don’t get it but don’t try to tell me why it should be expensive to do that.
And on top I’m pretty sure PG would earn more money anyway cause more people would use gems to test a new layout or just set them for the actual purpose (Atlas,war’s and events)


He fails to understand that perch building was out before atlas and was not island specific in General since he just started this year one perch covered the whole base back then


Sooo… you clearly missed the part where I said I had no problem being able to change it. Did you read what I originally replied to? I merely offered a solution that solved the specific issue that player brought up. It was an IDEA. But, no I don’t think it should be free. I am entitled to my ideas and opinions. I don’t think it should be free if they ever implement it. I am allowed to share my thoughts on what it should cost to move it because this is a free and open discussion, hence the name forums.

You can easily test base layouts, just empty your perch. Voila! Although, I doubt base testing was ever an intended part of the game, so it wasn’t taking something away when they added perches. I wouldn’t exactly know. I wasn’t here.

Dude, you missed the point. Those are general examples of planning. You missed the gist of what I was saying. Planning is key. Game mechanics in a pay to win game means everything is going to cost something. It’s why I wouldn’t place runes unless I’m okay with the cost of removing them or them staying there forever. I think of them more as a permanent decision, kinda like a tattoo. It’s a time vs money thing like everything else in the game.

I absolutely agree with perch moving and even perch merging.

It makes no sense to try and give players a way to adjust their bases with moving/merging of towers when the perches are stuck where they are. As long as PG doesn’t extend merging to perches, the whole merging concept is yet another feature that shows the lack of understanding what players need to experiment with base layouts and make this game a strategic game (ironically that’s actually its genre).

Perches should not be excluded.


but it is another tower fyi as it does fire and at high levels it can kill and hurt most dragons even kill dragons its just a special tower :roll_eyes: