Allow perches to be boosted also with lumber

EDIT: Just to clear things up, this isn’t just about me trying to force-feed people a variation of feeding event. I was and am open to other suggestions.

I believe the vast majority is absolutely swamped with lumber outside fort events. Allowing use of lumber (as well as food) for boosting perches would give us something to do with all the excess outside fort events.

As for having the feature enabled during fortification…


  1. People who can’t or won’t level up (any more) during an ongoing fort event - for various reasons - could still do well in the event, assuming perch boosting using lumber counts towards event score


  1. Might screw up lumber economy during fort really badly. So if that becomes a major problem, disable perch boosting using lumber during fort

Personally, I would like to try and see first what would happen if this were enabled during fort. Might not be that bad for the economy after all… yes, you might end up doing some more lumber raiding throughout the entire event… which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Also, you would probably end up preferring to raid offline bases… people who are offline aren’t there to keep perch(es) boosted, but their mills will still be producing lumber for raiders.

For the record, I very very rarely hit anyone from matchmaking if they are online and apparently trying to gather rss for some big level up. Not necessarily a bad thing… depends on whether you put your emphasis on the “war” or the “game” part in a war game.

For me, this war game is just a game. I don’t any particular urge to play this hyper aggressively or offensively just because the name of the game happens to contain the word “war”. :roll_eyes:

Dragons (except chunk) don’t eat wood.

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So what? Dragons don’t actually eat anything, since they are imaginary creatures. This isn’t a simulation game.

EDIT: You could think of it as those fragile perches being repaired after the constant pounding they’ve been taking if it makes you feel better about this. :wink:

arborius, hydron, that new fungus one

They eat food to level up, and they eat food to gain strength on a perch.

Conceptually, why would giving dragons wood increase their breath attack damage?!

Edit: you’re just trying to increase fort score similar to how you could increase feed score in feed event. No. Use a fort planner or build resource buildings if you don’t wanna level up.


More material to burn, Longer burn time?

Conceptually, Chunk doesn’t make any sense either, yet it exists in the game.

As an outlier. Not the norm.

Making fire is a metabolic process for dragons, so would wouldn’t help with that :man_shrugging:t3:

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What exactly would be wrong with boosting the perch HP a bit with wood?
Fortify the perch with flying buttress?

Do I really have to post a flying buttress cat?

I don’t know about you, but my perch certainly needs repairing after a constant pounding.

I’m pretty open to both wood and meat though :flushed:

Yep… how about boosting perch damage by feeding the dragon and boosting perch HP with lumber, then? That doesn’t sound too bad to me, conceptually.

Lutrus, my proposal of what to do during fort would be a variant of sorts of the bygone food event, boosting perches instead of feeding perches, but really, is that soooo bad?

I want to keep upgrading during fort… but what if I can’t - just can’t - because (lack of) speedups? No fort planner and/or sticking to resource building upgrades will help with that.

What to do then, fort event wise? I would prefer boosting perch every now and then over absolutely nothing at all for several days.

PG would have to make it so Fortifying the perch didn’t count for the event.
Otherwise, the lazy will just dump every hour for points. Outside of that, I’d be in for it.

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On topic I would have to agree that it should not count for fort events, I do like the idea of it boosting perch hp though.

I am open to suggestions… I just would like something to do with perch(es) and excess lumber.

If perch boosting with lumber counting towards fort points is universally considered an abomination, then disable perch boosting with lumber during fort, or just let people boost something like perch HP only, if they so desire.

Half of the player base would want it. Half of the other and mostly old timers wouldn’t.

So what happens if you put chunk on the perch? can you feed him wood?


I disagree with this idea and I would prefer that you could use elemental embers to feed your dragons with.

It would give also a 5% higher attack boost. 10k embers fill a dragon for 4 hours. :+1:t4::grin:

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Please no. Feeding perches for points was the biggest rss drain and completely stupid. If anything, perhaps make it so putting wood in the forge decreases forge time or something like that.