Allow players to test dragons before investing in them


Event dragons take a great deal of investment and time spent in game to unlock the branches and evo stones.

The videos that are released by PG are very short and don’t highlight anything but the skill being slapped out once.
What I’m suggesting is either:

  • PG gives players the capability to test dragons before investing in them
  • PG showcases the dragons movesets by showing spell combos, multiple playstyles and different approaches to play said Dragon. Maybe show Dragon trying to take a higher level base that challenges the Dragon so we can see the true nature of the Dragon, both it’s weaknesses and strengths.

Out of curiosity

I understand there are Game Play Faction members on the forum that can test dragons and report.
How exactly does one apply to GPF?

Are there GPF players of all levels: L40-80s, L90s-L100s, L200s-300s, and L300-500?
Or is this limited to only higher level players?

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You do not apply to the GPF, you are invited by PG staff. As for me, I am currently level 228 (nearly 229) and my highest lineage dragon is Wraith. I am also an E2P player and the only pack I have ever purchased was the $5 RED event pack back in 2016.

Edit: Because people are confusing what the RED event is and thinking I was talking about the red envelopes that were back in the season with Kirin, no, that is not what I purchased. It was for a limited time event and all the proceeds from the sales were donated to AIDS research. @mechengg posted a link to the PG blog about what the event was lower down in this thread.


I think it would be cool to let players test any dragon against a generic base that you access via the breeding castle. You click on the dragon and an option would appear to test it out. So if you were in Platinum and wanted to fly a Vanguard, you could run it against a predetermined base.


That is a really cool idea, however the code involved in implementing that sort of feature makes me wince for the engineering team.


I think seeing the dragon on live defended bases would be more of an indicator of viability. Maybe not necessarily at top tier either.


Definately agree that it would be nice for players to be able to test dragons before investing the fruits of their labours into purchasing them :slight_smile:


Yeah that would be dope. It’s like 10s of fly time mindlessly dropping spells in no particular order atm :cry:


I think it would be cool just because it would be a nice bone to throw mid to lower level players. They see the new “Vanguard” tier announcement and most likely none of those players will ever fly one. It’s always “looks like the whales get new toys I’ll never see.” It would maybe make a new tier release at least hold a little excitement for a lower player.


Especially for lower players. Should add incentive to lower level players to keep at it too.


Omg… has that been that long ago? I thought it was valentines day too 2017?

Sorry…off topic … good idea! :grin:


I’m pretty sure it was 2016? Maybe 2017? It’s been so long that I can’t remember for sure :laughing:


I was thinking they were out for valentines day in 2017… when kirin was available… could be wrong though :yum:


No, it was waaaay before Kirin. It was back when dragon armor was still a thing :rofl: Kirin was well after they stopped doing armor for dragons.


You started this thread like 1hr after someone else started a nearly identical thread lmao.

I’ll tell you, it’s something that we have suggested before. In various formats. Check out the search button especially for threads started very shortly before yours :wink:


I am against this idea for two reasons: 1) PG has much more important things to work on and 2) if you can’t tell, you deserve a crap season dragon.


It was around in very early 2017. I was around back then(since the 2016 winter season).


Dec 1 2016
World AIDS day

Raetrix and the heroes (male and female) were available for iOS purchases


Ahh I believe we were referring to the red envelopes which came out with kirin in 2018! (Edit) Not red pack… ic now.


Hahaha, yeah, I meant what I said. I didn’t even buy the Red Envelopes for valentines day :upside_down_face:


Red cards were in 2018 valentine’s day. When neptus came out.