Allow players to test dragons before investing in them


Holy smokes… I’m all wrong hahaha… jeez… fixing lol. :joy:


Yes, but that isn’t what I bought. I didn’t buy any Red envelopes. Please scroll up a bit to see Mech’s post.


Ya, sorry looked at it.


Maybe take the Temple Guardians code, and just populate it with season dragons instead of Orange/Obsidian mainline dragons. The idea has merit, if it had been around, maybe I’d have Necryx instead of Spindra.


Coding isn’t as easy as you think. Taking a piece of one program’s code and manipulating it into a similar yet different program isn’t easy


How easy do I think it is? :wink:

I usually prefer to adapt existing, similar, functional code than start something from scratch. If I have the option.


Here is a hint. The hunter is always better. Just go for that one.


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