Allow us to make food and lumber packs


Another rss event, another buggy start.

Enough already.

Allow us to make food and lumber packs already!

I’d happily pay 2:1 to make a pack…

Edit: 3:1, 4:1, idc as long as it’s not rubies…

And I don’t care if there are 5,765,467 other threads out there about this. Maybe seeing it ONCE will be enough for it to happen!


I have a dream where food becomes myth in WD…


There’s already a thread like this:

@moderators work your magic!:sparkles:



There are a bunch of threads on this. Most are dead.

Yes let’s ask the moderators to close it because the other threads have already received clear replies from PG… Right?


You know…nevermind. I’m going to behave.



Would be nice in theory but I don’t see them doing it


I know they probably won’t, but it would be nice for them to say so. To date, I don’t think there has ever been a response to this question.

Also, it wouldn’t be needed IF we could actually start a rss event without any hiccups. This one was a train wreck, but sadly, that’s become par for the course with rss events.

Edit - in one of those old, closed threads, which is why I created a new one.


That was what Beavereemp was supposed to do :thinking:


I talked about this a LONG time ago. I was talking about 10:1 ratios but the only problem is that it would kill the availability of lumber and food everywhere. There would have to be an extremely heavy limit on how often you could do it to the point that the purpose would be defeated in even trying it. The better option would be to have team storage units for food and lumber which have already been made in Atlas.


Yup, that’d be great, if you have Atlas, and if you own land, and trust you won’t be losing your castle any time soon…

If we can’t make packs, let’s say 1 per 24 hour period, not to exceed the amount your farms/mills could produce in that time, then we should have a team bank, period, completely separate from Atlas.


The game is all about keeping the spenders at the top and the ftp and moderate$ continuing to spend and struggle. Making a pack a day would only cause the prize tiers to lengthen out of reach to “accomodate the new resource economy”(not a quote but something they’ve done before in other cases) for fort and feed events.

If you’re not going to be spending for packs then be smart in how you play and learn the times when wood and food is most available(very first 20mins of fort, the mornings in the US, and times of rush hour when people get on after work to click on mills while not completely focused bcs of trying to get home from work.

Bcs im still in highschool these times were perfect bcs i had to be up for school early and didnt have a job to drive home to like most of the playerbase. All i had to do was know when to get online and hit some bases


This bugs me too. Is there a junior moderator badge you can earn on this forum for a certain number of threads that are locked in which you tagged moderators?


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