Allow us to track evolution stones



Please show the highest evolution stone we have for each dragon in more settings under dragon fragments, in a new section under more settings, or somewhere when we click on the dragon.

When we click on a season dragon, we can sees how many evolutions were POSSIBLE for the dragon, how many of them we have USED, but it doesn’t show how many evolution stones we OWN. It’s annoying to not know which dragon has which evolution stones after the event has ended.

I would like to know if it is worth my time training it, or if I should bench it. If the highest evolution stone is below all my other dragons, I will just use it for feeding events and any events where I need lower level dragons. But I can’t find any way to track each dragons evolution stones.

Thank you,


Is there a way to see inventories?

Message support and they will tell you.


It would be easier and more convenient to not have to message support for the information every time someone forgets it. Plus, they are busy helping people. It seems like a waste of their time to look up information for us that they could just program the game to show us.


Totally agree. I have been requesting an inventory button for ages to show you everything that you have. Whether this be inner fires, energy, evolution stones. Be helpful to have to hand and allow planning for events.


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