Ally Bonus Experience

I was playing on my account that has a max xp of 22.7k. Recently, I picked up 35k ally bonus xp from PGkissmyass (chest farm base) by using my level 1 ember.
Normally, I get no more than 3k for ally bonus. Is this a glitch or something I don’t know about how the ally bonus works?

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The lower tier your dragon is compared to your level, the more ally XP you get.


Oh, interesting, thank you

I guess this means my two garnet dragons will get absolutely lousy ally bonus xp since I’m only lvl 158 :joy::joy::joy:

This is the trick. Keep Kirin at level 1 and bank xp crazy


I’ve only seen above average ally bonuses when someone follows a purple dragon on a max xp base. My ally bonus is consistently 10% of the base x any multipliers. I ran with a smaller player tonight three times. Both times I followed purple dragons they got ally bonuses bigger than the total xp they earned. When I followed a blue, it was 10%. The dragons were all breedable, not level 1.

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