Ally Bonus - How does it work?


I’ve played for quite some time. I know how “main xp” work, for leadattacker and following.

But what I just don’t get: how does ally bonus work?

If I lead and attack a base that’ll give me my max xp, why does the ally bonus always differ?
Sometimes it’s huge, sometimes it’s not even 10% of my main xp.
(Note: I’m speaking of attacks without multipliers)

I’ve searched the net, and thought I heard that it’s based on the dragon’s attack power against the bases defense power.
Meaning, defeating a base with weaker dragons gives you better ally bonus…

Now, I still don’t get it.
When attacking a level 30s base, and my mates being level 100 back me up, their dragon are always OP compared to the base… but why does the ally bonus still differ so much?

…Can anyone enlighten me?


Party bonus used to give 100% of the max xp on that base. That was an oops from PG so they scaled it back to 10% in a week after they introduced it.
And for it to work, you only need a teammate to join your xp runs. No matter how many you have, you always get 10% for party bonus. And they don’t have to stay a whole run. They can just join and drop the battle.
Hope it help


During the point when ally bonuses were broken an extremely useful, we were doing a bunch of testing on it to figure out the secret sauce behind it. At this point, with such low amounts, we didn’t continue with it. However, I can tell you that it’s impacted by daily multis (get the most with the x5), and you want to do your run on a base that gives you max XP. Some older observations might still apply too (e.g. how far behind the dragon is relative to your current tier), but it’s too minor at this point to be meaningful.


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