Ally boost on xp runs

Hi! Little one here

So I experienced by leveling Amarok some issues and I don’t find a proper explanation.
When I fly Amarok on an invader base (with backer, no multies and elite) I get a little xp boost. So Then I’m flying Gog (backer,no multies and elite) I got more xp boost.

What can be the reason of this?

Dragons that are of lower tiers than your current highest tier get bonus xp. This helps you level up dragons that are below your current tier a bit faster.

I.E. Amarok is an orange dragon which is of a higher tier than Gog, so Gog gets bonus xp.


That is a very good question…The Base XP is the same on both runs…neither had multipliers so it should be the same.

Hmm, does that change based on level and dragon tier?

I bred a gold I missed for points. It got the exact same XP on its runs that my Eldritch do.

I think it only applies to the ally bonus.

ahh, that would make sense then, I usually fly solo.

Blue and up is 0.1


Such a pity. It takes me so long now to get Amarok breedable :pensive:

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