AlphaXDragons Platinum IV looking for more

Language: English
Time Zone: any but mostly of us are in USA
Played time: 1 year
Age Range: 18 and over
Elite Account?: Yes
Dragon Roster Includes:Equestor
Highest Lineage Dragon:Frostbiter

About: We are looking for active (this means you play every day) mature players who understand we work during the day and are active at night. We war when events permit and expect 100% participation. We have implemented three strikes you are out on missing wars and events without notifying an officer. We cut up, joke, post kid, pet, food pictures. We have good clean fun.

Download Line app and message terrimc or cartje to be added to Line team chat so we can send you an invite to our team. We are waiting on you.

Why equestor over all other devines?

Still looking for a couple of ACTIVE players for Plat IV team. We are full but ready to kick non war/non event participating teammates. You need to be on game everyday checking to see if there is a war and how you can help your team.

Recruiting is so hard. Finding active players that want to play everyday, participate in wars and events. We don’t talk so much in team chat but we do talk on Line. Apply to AlphaXDragons if you are interested. We’ve got dead weight to replace.

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