Alt looking for new home

Looking for a new home. Have plenty of knowledge in the game. Platinum or higher preferred. Thanks

If you can’t find a platinum team we have space on our team. Trying to fill the roster and get back to platinum.

We’re a platinum 3 team looking to replace inactives. Let me know if you’d be interested. All we ask is you log in every day to make sure you don’t miss war.

If you haven’t made a decision yet then look no further our team happierdayz could definitely add you guys to our family. We’re currently working on moving up to platinum from gold 2. You’ll absolutely have fun with us.

Sparklemotion needs driven players with a will to war plat 4

Look up my team MysticDragunz I’m QueenFlames916.

I’m an officer from PrimalWyverns, platinum 4. Mail me in game or here if you are interested. We are currently working our way up :blush:.

Skrillexteam - currently Platinum 3.
Have a look and take your call. No fancy stuff and no drama.

What level are you?
Where are you in breeding ?

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