Alt looking for sapphire team with atlas

As I mentioned. I want to get my alt into a team that has atlas. I am active with both accounts but I have atlas on my main and want to show other players how to complete the atlas tutorial and navigate the world map and such.
I would also like my friend to come with me we know how to wave big and are very active defenders

Our current team is HellzHouse
My alts name is xBone429x lvl 73
My friend is blackhawk lvl 78

Probably should post this recruitment then :man_shrugging:t3:

@ModMat @Psarus

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Moved to recruitment

DarkChoices is currently in Platinum but has atlas. You would fit right in! We are just getting started in atlas with new members so you would be perfect!! Just hit apply and I’ll get to you as soon as i can!

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