Altas rank calculation

Atlas rank should be based on team glory
Preferably team glory accumumlated from hitting prims on castles.
not inlcuding nml and castle guard swaps.
Not including how much castles you own blah blah


This has been suggested over now lets say 5 years. They dont want change it due several reasons…
If you ask me the current system rewards castle giveaways to dead teams that dont even fight.


Yeah this

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What this game needs is a full reset in atlas troops, prims, map the whole shit.

Take a look at the rating system to make that more even with taking troop amounts and amount of people in a team and average prim level in the equation. Limit the amount of glory you can earn by attacking the same enemy team daily.

The way it is now there is not much fun in atlas and you are or a bully or a victim. The whole system is not based on fun but on terrorising other teams without rewards for the opponent.


While at it, maybe include an auto scaling of base DP for attacking player bases who only seem to hit players 100 levels or more lower than them. Because they are so good and are exceptional flyers (notice the sarcasm) they don’t seem to hit similar sized players. If they are so great then maybe allow countering on an even footing when protecting a castle, sort of a auto enfeeble when the difference makes it ridiculous. Might address the so called power difference

And I don’t want to hear the meatshield argument as plenty of Dimond teams do it for cheap kills because they can and for no other reason or objective. Seriously though I don’t understand a 600+ smashing a low 500 what is the benefit to you

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So u want to punish plat and low sapphire teams for being more active in their ranks so they can be meat for top teams by showing up with better glory ?


Its already heavily skewed for defense, so no thanks, imo there should be an enfeeble option for the attacker to kill of those big annoying taunters.

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Enfeeble has a cool-down. I’m talking about people hitting so far down it is not even a contest.
Everyone talks about levelling the playing field. bubbling castles to get to those behind there is a reason hell it’s part of the game play but for those players that only chase cheap kills and stats why.?

Defending against the current dragons is pointless when they are using monarchs against a 10-20b DP base.

Be realistic …. If you are so good a flyer target other similar sized player but then you might lose. No stats and no inflating a sense of ego. No saying your squiggly but certainly other muppets in atlas. Food for thought and it just might help with player retention. It might not but not doing anything is certainly sticking one’s head in the sand.

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Lots of teams intentionally leave a lowbie L500 taunter to protect their bigger players.

Unfortunately if there are juicy targets and some little guy is in the way hes going to he taken out.

I doubt many big players target 500s intentionally.

Most 610 and below bases can still be nuked by aerow on auto pilot even 2d.

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Why do you think castles owned should not be included in the calculation?

Undeserving teams holding castles, when they clearly cant even defend themselves at their own power rank at even one castle in a proper 1 v 1 fight.

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That seems like a reason to be in favor of it.

How is that in favor?

Teams that domore conquers within their power ranks should be rewarded more, teams that hit vastles within their power rank should be rewarded more, not teams that never fight and hold castles alone and swap.

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This is a stupid strategy, I haven’t seen any decent teams doing it, for obvious reasons.

Not really lol. Aerow will either take 2M+ on a miracle run, or it will die. Aerow is good but not that good. Maybe on shitty bases

I was replying to the person above that said people intentionally hit lowbie players.

I was assuming they were also a lower team and not a decent team as decent teams should have a selection of high level players.

I was thinking that the reason a low player got hit was because there were some 600s tanking in lower leagues that were attractive targets due to being 100% glory.

And these guys generally don’t have good gear. Plenty of 650 and lower players with sub 40bn defence which Aerrow will have no issue auto flying. ( you will need to hit spells )

Heaps of guys like this with modern towers but they build out not up and dont do base line or even bother to boost towers.

Even 2D this 650 is auto pilot toast

You won’t see this in your leagues Ruru but in P1 and lower its full of them.

That base is poorly designed for one, and doesn’t have 145s like 99% of active 590+ players lol. Players like that are less common than people with good bases at that size

Yep - but OP said hes sick of people going after little guys.

I smack lots of P1-P4 teams to hit these soft 600-650s that give max glory and I can just auto pilot them.

If there is a low glory 500 taunter in the way Im going to smack it even if its zero glory to hit 2-3 juicy targets that wont hit back.

I thought OP was talking about players like me that have no issue blitzing like this and just providing my rationale for it.

Its easy low risk glory and it supplements my main glory hunting

I think when we are talking Sapphire teams then the quality of bases goes up pretty fast as does base design but I don’t think OP wasn’t talking about strong teams being hit.

I wonder if atlas rank calculation should instead be based on the atlas assets you have.

So teams with better / more deisrable castles are worth more to attack. This is to encourage aggression to take the top assets


Castle base value

T5 - 5,000 pts
T4 - 2,000 pts
T3 - 500 pts
T2 - 100 pts

Then for each castle search for the closest NML or SZ

Proximity to an SZ :-

0bd x0.25
1bd x0.5
2bd x0.75
3bd x1
4bd x1.25 etc

Proximity to an NML

0bd x 0.75
1bd x 1.00
2bd x 1.25 etc

For each team add up their castle points.

Teams with deep safe castles and high ranking castles will have a large score and a strong APR.

Teams with lots of weak gates / low value castles will be worth less.

Then update glory % earned to encourage everyone to hit up.

For each 10 APR you hit up you get 10% extra glory, capped at 150%.

For each 10 APR you hit up your revives are 1% better capped at 5% for a max of 95%

For each 10 APR you hit down you get penalized 10% glory, no cap and it can go negative.

For each 10 APR you hit down your revives are 1% worse capped at 50% revives.

Everyone continues to be worth at least 100% glory on your castle or your 5tas castles

Now if a #51 APR team hits #1 APR team they will be rewarded 150% glory which should lead to better outcomes than hitting a #100 team for 50% glory and 5% worse revives.

If you are a #50 rank team then its painful to hit a #800 team because that will be negative 750% glory and 50% revives its going to take lots of hits on normal glory targets to clean up the deficit.

Trappers that trap you should always be worth at least 100% glory because they are initiating combat.

There are a quite a number of holes in this one

We need to have some aspects of dragon attack and base defence added as this

Now means for a team filled with one 10 650+ players and 1 castle, everyone will be worth 150% glory, and there is no stopping them, they also be getting 95% revives due to

The perfect formula is pretty hard to come up with, but probably needs to include multiple factors, your castle value sounds like it potentially form part of it, but we also need to include others such as:

  • attack power
  • base defendability (defence power of some sort)
  • atlas activity (monthly kills?)
  • atlas potential (live troop counts?)

For all these values possibly the best score to use isn’t sum of all members. It’s possibly average of top 40 players for each category, but even that can be manipulated (e.g. a team of 10 650+ players with millions of troops each and filled to 40 with level 25s with no troops)


I’m pretty sure your main is in one of the 15 TA teams