Altas rank calculation

Missed this part. Yes and no to this, it opens up ease of glory swapping (just get the low level player to trap you, but this can be achieved by bringing the lower level to you castle anyway.

Possibly better would be to make third party trappers worth a minimum of castle owner glory regardless of level (kinda like everyone is 100% on t4 and t5s).

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All good points hard to find decent solutions.

But to me the system rewards either being at the absolute top ( you have all the high value real estate with no threats and can constantly be offensive on game style )

Or it rewards sandbagging. Internationally holding 5-10 alts to tank rank under 250 so that you can maximise your glory by hitting anyone you want and also playing an offence based game style.

Everyone in the middle is exerting huge amounts of effort for low glory and likely forced into significant portions of defensive play with much less offensive play.

The system needs mechanics to discourage sandbagging and encourage turn over of the top real estate.

The game rewards people at the top or top people hiding in the bottom.

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We have a defensive objective :man_shrugging:
A short term deteriorating objective to take and hold and defend these worthless castles with unbalanced engagement and open movement……so ummmm ……yeah atlas rank will never control conflict or drive it….
Simple as that! :+1:

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Remind me what is the calculation for Atlas rank?

Are they still

Team Power = sumForAllMembers (highestDragonBaseAttackPower) / 1000


Why are people talking about castles owned?

I do feel like this calculation is being manipulated by some teams, so probably isn’t fit for purpose.

There are several teams who have a few sub 50 alts, which I’m sure is to make their atlas rank lower so they get better glory from lower ranked teams

Castles owned are, iirc, strictly about influence rank, which is not accounted into power rank, no?

Btw, can you tell me some of the teams that keep a few below-50 alts with the rest being all 590+? Trying to see how much of a difference that makes to their power ranks compared to teams’ with 50 of 590+s.

No sarcasm and I’m not asking for a callout, this is more like asking for a reference for academic purposes. (Solely because I am now curious about it… :see_no_evil:) But if you think PG will disagree, pm me the team names instead of replying to this.

Im not talking about atlas power rank, im talking about atlas rank that is calculated at the end of the season

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Cozvezzzdie isn’t doing this on purpose, but most of their roster is quite big but with like 6+ players just not being there their APR is like 200.
I’ve seen UIH drop to like APR 150, and there’s other teams with a lot of big players and enough small players to drop their APR a fair bit

Not naming teams but, on the maths

Team 1
45 * 600 = 27000
5 * 20 = 100
Total = 27100

Team 2
50 * 550 = 27500

Team 2 is higher ranked

Is it based on level? Or base strength? Either way, it works the same and if anything having it based on base strength will exacerbate the issue (if that’s what it’s based on)

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Neither, it’s based on den levels. A 590 with a max den and a 700 count the same

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It’s also not based on den levels.

You can have a max level den and not have levelled up a dragon to increase its base attack power, this will result in you being worth less than a player that a max level seasonal mythic (without gear/runes)


You can see why players and teams do it.

Why spend excessive effort hitting max length max defended bases ( APR 20 - 60 ) when you can get 1-2 alts into the team and get free easy fights? ( APR 100 - 150 )

The system rewards players and teams that seek to min / max the game dimensions.

The system needs to have incentives to hit up and hit big instead it rewards sandbagging.

The temple raid fix was a good example of a method that ewards effort something similar should be factored in for atlas.


That’s even worse :see_no_evil:


It’s interesting though, how all of these teams seem to mislay their low level alts during a PvP in which having a low level alt on your team is a severe disadvantage.

I’ve noticed several D teams with sub-50 players this weekend, I assume for this exact reason.

Maybe APRs should be calculated once every 2 weeks, during PvP

Thought the denominator was always going to be 50 regardless of having full roster or not, am I misinformed? :grimacing:

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It’s 1000 I think. Which means that these teams are potentially even better off in Atlas by having fewer than 50 players.

Team Power = sumForAllMembers (highestDragonBaseAttackPower) / 1000

(AKA the sum total of each member’s highest-level dragon attack power divided by 1,000)

Should possibly be

Team Power = (sumForAllMembers (highestDragonBaseAttackPower) / sumofallmember)*50 / 1000

(It is worth noting that I don’t know 100% if this is the correct formula, but it’s the one I’m basing my criticism on)

Wish the guides at the wd support website were clearer and more accurate.

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