Altas sorta broken

I keep getting this since lAst night can you fix this issue! I did 2 runs and popped up again kicking me me off atlas @PGJared @Arelyna

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Only started forbu last night? Been happening for over a week :joy: since the last little update.

Its spreading :scream:


Yes that just started happening to me yesterday. It is spreading or we were just lucky

If you’ve experienced this recently and logged a ticket, please PM me the ticket number.

Define recently?

Ticket logged and yes it started last night but from looks its spreading to more

That is happening since last update !
Havent send ticket about that , but guess many ppl have same problem

I’m not experiencing any problems at all

I’ve reported this and various other Atlas-related network issues between my main and alt accounts over the past several days, and I keep being instructed on how to ensure my network connection is strong enough to play. Frankly it’s starting to piss me off.

@PGJared @pgEcho can we please agree that these are server side latency issues (as has been previously confirmed) and direct your PX agents to find a different response?

Thanks. :expressionless:

Yet you will and its fustrating because after a atlas run ur kicked off u click again and whoops there it is then more load time then eventually it will work till u do a run n have to repeat!!!

I sent a PM with my ticket #

This is why i have not updated after seeing all the complaints about the new Atlas issues created by the patch that was for all the Atlas issues.

Nope, not having any problems at all

is there a point keep on telling others you don’t have the problem? he said he has issue with atlas, but you don’t, so congrats to you. Do you always like putting salt on somebody else’s wound? It almost sounds like you are looking for a fight :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Prince is probably hoping that I get hit with the Atlas breaking glitch.

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