Alternative To Aligane

Does anyone know of an alternative to Aligane for glory hunting and attacking for lower level Atlas players? If not is there interest among the player base in establishing one?

I was thinking of an area for players under level 84, the point at which the divine dragons take a huge leap in power.


Don’t think u can enforce a level limit.
U can join glory swap group a player named @Sam can help u there


Glory swap is a bit inefficient but thanks for the suggestion.

Might be a challenge to enforce level limits but a combination of the honor system and higher level enforcers could be an option.

Enemy castles? :man_shrugging:

Ehat do you mean?

Go hit enemy castles, and hit players around your level for 100% glory… instead of going to Aligane. When it’s not PvP event.

Don’t you run into the problem with taunters forcing the attack redirected at them? I’m new to Atlas haven’t raided castles so far.

You can load 3k on a trapper, and trap the taunter before you hit your target with a 3k sieger :blush:
Or, you may have to just look for castles that either

  1. don’t have a taunter
  2. only have 1 taunter

Not all castles are easy to snipe, but if you keep looking around you’ll find one.
Also, don’t load that much on your Trapper as it will most likely die from being delayed on a castle for x amount of minutes . Only load about 2-3k each time. Your sieger could load about 3-5k depending on how much troops is on your target prim.

Ok good to know. I’ll definitely give it a try but I’m still liking the idea of an Aligane alternative as well.

Glory swapping can actually be really efficient if you find one good person to swap with that matches you well. Good revive and massive amounts of glory in a short period of time. I love it, although I did find using a random person each time to be a lot less efficient.

How do you maximize the revive rate for both players?

The best way to maximize revive rate for both players is to keep loading your prim and swapping glory until it’s maxed out… then don’t go above your revive rate or else you permanently lose those troops.
Was that what you were asking?

If u find a castle with a sieger and 1 taunter u can trap the taunter and hit the sieger with the trapper

Can i trap the taunter and hit seiger with my seiger?

Kind of but what determines what percentage of my fallen troops are available to revive?

Swaps really aren’t efficient except in time spent. Play with the glory calculator if you want to look at numbers. The revive percentage is determined by the flames and percent completed. If you do end up swapping, each person getting three flames is about the best you can do.

The calculator will also show you why you don’t want to attack a sieger with your sieger, btw. Terrible glory. If there’s a sieger on the castle, hit it with your trapper.

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