Alternative to atlas land shuffle- Season Continents

as pg race forward to doing a land shuffle for the reason of removing stagnation and meta. (idea i personally dont like)
i would like to suggest a different idea.
Atlas Season Continents
every season there will be a number of new Continents with new lands and castles to be owned and conquered.
each group of ranking will only have access to one Continents for example : 1-25, 26-75, 76-150; 151 - 300, and so on.
The Continents castles will be without any infrastructures.
beside the glory (and fun) you get by fighting to get castles the reward of conquering and keeping them will be only at the end of the season and will influence the next fallowing season.
possible rewords will be increase in % for glory up to double glory, increase amounts from infrastructures rewords.
the ranking for the end of this Season Continents will be by gaining vp on how much time you can hold a castle and how many.
i know i might have not thought out every detail on this concept its just a sketch for pg to work from and i think will be better then the idea of land shuffle in regards to stagnation.

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