Alternative to making WD a cross platform game


So, WD is not cross platform and probably never will be
how about this option?
When a certain player switches platforms (and we know it happens) he will have the option to request for a new account to be made that will mirror his current one, only on a platform of his choice. Once he switches over and logs in with his new acct on his new device for the first time, his old one will get disabled and kept in the records for future reference.

I believe the devs have the tools to be able to do something like this, and it would make a lot of existing players who have been stuck on a specific platform, happy

For example i would love to be able to play the game on my ipad (my phone is android)


This would be great since I’m considering getting an iPad and using android is really bad for this game (by the time you can join a defense base is gone anyways unless it’s a trap base). I have fun flying dragons with all the nonsense android users deal with I’d love to see what its like sans nonsense.


Thats BS. I’m playing on a S8 and defence and everything else works like it is supposed to work


Well im playing on s7 and its slow and laggy as hell. And dont blame my phone, every other app works fine


Would love that… my mom plays on a note 3 and the lag is bad, and I agree it’s not the internet or her phone these problems started about 3 or 4 updates back on the game…


I remember i had issues like forever since i started WD on my S5. Since i switched to S8 the laggs are mostly gone… dont want to blame any device but i think its cause of the bigger RAM and the S8 has a game launcher which disables all other apps while playing WD


i find it hard to believe that a nearly 3 years old mobile game requires the newest flagship device to run smoothly. i have a S7 which runs everything perfectly, including much newer games yet WD lags and crashes all the time


Even though the game is few years old the constant updates might increase the requirements to run the game. That’s how it’s been with every game. The WD that was released 3 years ago without any updates requires much less of a phone then it does today in this current version.


you think its normal for a game to stutter on a 1 year old device?. and not a basic model either. sorry, makes zero sense to me


Do I think it’s normal? No. Does it make sense? No. Nevertheless it’s all about the optimization of the game… so it does not make any sense but it may well be possible. I truly believe that is the source of many issues people are having.


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