Am I in the matrix?

For the past 6 times trying to get here kept getting code 404. Was wondering if I should have taken the other pill? Or are the servers screwed again?

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Try to delete and reinstall the game. Maybe that would help

I never understand why that is the first “solution” offered for any number of problems experienced in this game (though works more often than not)

Us Gen Xers and older probably remember the days of customer support telling us to reformat our hard drives anytime Microsoft burped or hiccuped

“What seems to be the problem?”
“I tried loading AOL and it crashed”
“Reformat your computer and try again”


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Maybe cause is an easy solution that only takes 1 minute and requires no explaining. If we are talking about a PC game that takes an hour or more to download, than by all means is much better to spend some time trying to fix the client before doing a clean installation.

The reason its givin so often is because it works 98.1% of the time

Beyond the fact your title should read: “Am I in the Matrix”
You could delete, reinstall, continue on with your day.

Nice random number

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