Am I missing something here? [leveling up but being unable to use new abilities...]

I am not sure where to post this because all I can find on the forums is general, no help forums so… I will try here, if this is the wrong place sorry

I recently started the game, I just got to level ten. It told me I could upgrade my dragon den or whatever it is. I go to try, it tells me I need 3k wood to upgrade. But I don’t have enough storage. So I look to upgrade storage, it tells me I can’t upgrade storage until level 12…So why did it give me the option at level ten to upgrade the den if I can’t even get enough wood to upgrade it until level 12?

Is there an ability to build more storage places? Someone please help me figure this out. I can’t tell if this is …strange game design or something has gone wrong on my part. If the former I guess I will just wait until level 12 but I’m kind of at a standstill because now I can’t level up many of my dragons due to not having enough food because I don’t have enough storage either.

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Sorry that was 4 years ago but I don’t remember such an issue… I wouldn’t worry too much. 2 levels isn’t much. It’s likely a brilliant part of PG coding, be prepared they do lots of idiotic things.

P.S. welcome to thing game!

P.P.S. Run now!

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You need to build more towers to get past xp caps to level 12. Build a storm, archer, and cannon. Nothing else should be necessary iirc? And then when you can start on a pair of mages, one of each colour.

Strange game design, yup. Just keep leveling up.

Make sure you don’t need to build a farm or level them I remember some nonsense like that

Yeah, but if they’re level locked it’s xp that’s restricting them. Farms/Mill caps are annoying too, but can be circumvented w/ food/wood boosts.

Why would someone put a boost on to get around a cap that you need two mills/farms for though? Wouldn’t you just build the second mill/farm (which costs very little) since you will have to do it anyway? Seems like an odd waste of a boost (especially when the boost could be applied to two mills/farms instead of one)?

PS not saying that’s what the problem is here, just curious about that specific notion

Oh, no, I mean to avoid levelling them up :rofl: I do that to save points!

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