Am I missing troops or is this just a glitch?

So I noticed in the train troop tab in atlas that the revive troops amount possibility is way higher than how many troops I have(see below), is this a glitch or am I just missing troops somehow?

restart i guess?

Checked mine and I still have my 7.3k (6.4k reserve and 957 on my primarch) troops that I created since I was able to access Atlas.

Hi @KingBreezy337

The 57.6k is the cap on how many dead troops you can bank. This is level dependent.
The 15k is how many troops you have alive, this is unlimited.
As you PvP in Atlas, and your own troops die, a portion goes into the Revive, up to the cap.
You can revive 4000 troops at a time, instead of the normal 800 for new troops.


@Atops sweet. Thanks for the information. Had me dazed and confused😂

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