Am I the only one that fat fingers ronin's resist spell?

I realize switching it up now might throw a few people for a loop.
But I have wasted his execute a few times just trying to get rage, leaving me with no execute to face kill island. wish the button was on bottom so i had more play room on where I am tapping away


Im in the same boat.
Really hate the new order. I already asked to support to change as it was.

If im not mistaken this is the standard Android layout isn’t it?

Negative this is the apple layout if I’m not mistaken I’ll look through everything I have and post a picture of the normal android layout shortly.

Edited to add screen shot. The one posted by jetburner is the spell layout after this latest update. This is the second update in a row that has affected android spell layouts. I know this time it has also swapped around scorpa’s spell layout on android as well.

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most divines have spells swapped but only a few lineage

Are you saying your spells have always been in this awful order? This one is new to me with yesterday’s release.

In the past all my dragons with adaptive had it at the bottom, which works well. Yesterday’s release has jumbled all the spells and it sucks and I don’t know how pg have such bad testing or revision control that these same bugs keep popping up.

(I am on Android)


I’m finally unfortunately victim of this glitch. It almost ruined my first run. I hate this. Please revert to the original order (see D0CT0RDEATH screenshot).

I can’t get used to this layout…


I’m on apple and my spells got swapped a very long time ago. So long that I don’t even remember what it was like having the normal set-up. It’s never changed and if it changed back now it would be just as bad. :joy:

Lucky you!!!
I got dead Prospero and Ronin following base setup by Scorpy (tapping Adaptive Resist instead of Execute, and FS instead of Entrap) :sob::sob:

I have a dumb question: Why on gods green earth would the spell layout be different on Android versus Apple? Not saying it isn’t, i’m just asking WHHHYYY?

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Blame the UI staff…

Nimble fingers, I suppose… Fortunately this war run was only defended by one teammate, not the owner, otherwise my Stark would have been SOL…

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I have a theory that certain fixes have been started so long ago that part of the update has old glitches linked to it, or certain layouts are different on Apple devices or Android. From time to time these glitches come back temporarily because a file was accidentally copied along the new fixes, thus the comeback of old woes or platform mix-up?

… Just an idea, I don’t know if this mix-up could happen :sweat_smile:


Seems a lot of rearranging is happening. Last update rearanged all my bookmarks and my rss when transferring. It used to be Wood, Gold, Food and now wood and gold are switched and a few times I’ve sent off gold when I meant to send wood. Now Ronin’s spells this update, it’s really annoying.

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Nope but anyway, PG have changed to what it was :slight_smile:

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