Am I the only player who gets rubies instead of bronze during events?



As I mentioned I had the same issue during the previous event. I feel you!

Ask Arelyna in PM if she can help you. Don’t forget to include your ticket number.


Thank you! I did a complete reinstall and finally I was getting chests again - I don’t understand how this happens and why its not fixable without the hoops… hope it doesn’t keep happening.
Why can’t we get an awarding chests during non event time bug? :joy:


IT already has: when the Atlas event begun, rubies started dropping.

That means I had to reinstall the game 5 times in 7 days


Sad to bring this up again…couple weeks of getting bronze during events and rubies in between. Got a few bronze at start of this event and then just blamo…buck to rubies. Look forward to the patch coming out


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