Am looking to join some of the atlas LINE app groups

my line id username is : zbuck504

feel free to add me thier or msg me here about it thanks.

Haha there are atlas line groups? You mean like a team chat?

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not team chat. obv thier are those lol @Panda your funny. no i mean group chats that arent any one team but groups of people who play atlas. thiers a bunch.

Bhahaha they dont allow you in those panda?

Probably not :man_shrugging:

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I can help you. Don’t let cranky old Panda bother you.

sweet line app id is : zbuck504

if you wanna invite me or msg me here or in private here so we can chat further on it thanks @Lx460

Did you guys switch names again? I swear you need to figure out your identity crisis

Lol no when we were switched I made the forum account and now i dont know how to switch back :joy::joy:

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