AMA Repeat With Developers

@PGCrisis Thanks for the last AMA. I know for many it was still disappointing because those two couldn’t answer most/any of the questions we had, but it was good to see some people who actually work on the game interact with us. A (albeit small) positive change.

I would like to request this to be repeated. Only this time, please bring on a developer and/or manager who can address the questions and concerns that I know you’ve been reading in two of the more inflammatory posts that have occurred recently. But please, don’t do it with someone who will come close to uttering the words “we’re discussing it” or something similar. Have someone prepared with a calendar that has dates to either begin working on a solution, or estimated completion. I think it may save some folks from leaving who are on the edge, and will give senior leaders a better feel for the vitriol they’ve created that needs to be corrected. It would be a good discourse back and forth. Should probably budget more than just 2 hours though.

As a side note, to control the amount of blasting and potential verbal abuse they may receive, I think the players should nominate 3-4 reps to present the varied issues for them to respond to. This will also keep it focused and productive. I think it’s important to be done publicly though, so we can hold them to timelines or promises they keep. Thoughts?


This is what I’ve been trying to say all night. Somehow you managed to do it without being an asshole. :rofl:



Yay someone opened the box in a way that probably won’t be locked down…

I had 0 hopes for anything useful from the AMA today. Let’s get the head of every department on a twitch stream for a real AMA

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A twitch stream would probably be great as well. Easier to talk than type. I’d be happy with either. We’ll see if this gets any traction or support though.

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I have a suggestion thread where we’re making portraits for them, I’d like to hear more about the artwork for the game.

I second that. Reading the QA AMA got some interesting insights, i am pleased the community can have that sort of interactions with PG staff.
Extending it to other departments would be most welcome.

Yeah. That AMA was sad. They brought in two people that the players don’t know and who weren’t able to answer any questions. Actually maybe half ass it next time PG and we should have a better experience :joy:


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